Loggins and Messina revisited

Loggins and Messina are playing at Radio City Music Hall tonight. If a cute girl about 23 reads this, has a car and no boyfriend, call me.........my number is "easily accessible" on the net! Alright fat chance on all three happening within seven hours, but can't a guy dream. I can honestly say I grew up with Loggins and Messsina because my folks played their music all the time.' At the time I didn't know that Loggins was actually Kenny Loggins, who I have loved ever since I can remember... For those who don't know the story behind "Danny's Song" basically Loggins wrote it for his brother Danny and his wife who had a baby. Danny wrote a heatfelt letter to Kenny and in turn Kenny wrote his song, Danny's Song. Years later a girl I knew in high school had the tape of Loggins and Messina's Greatest Hits in it. She played to song one night when we were going out. When I opened the cover I read the story behind the song, I immediate wrote my own feeligns. That was over eight years ago. I have since revised the writing a few times. However I wanted to share the original version, thank God I never throw anything I wrote away. As an introduction I am including what Loggins wrote about the song

From Kenny Loggins: Traditionally when someone has a child, you gift them a gift. This song was a gift to my brother Dan and his wife Shelia for the birth of their son. Just after Colin was born, Dan had written a letter to me filled with his emotions and hopes. I took some of his feelings and words, added some of my -own and returned them to him in song. K.

From "Living with a Disabilty" dated July, 28th,1997
I will always live a middle of the road life. Don't want that much money, just want to- be happy. Used to think money bought happines, it doesn't. That's why I want [to get] out of this area. It just is all based on who has got a better house or who's CEO of what company. Give me a wife who loves me, a few kids and a good job doing special effects and I'lll be happy. I have all the luxeries I ever want right now, an old American classic car would be nice, but then thaqt's it.; Having more money then you need to live comfortabll to me can destroy a family. I can live with what I have now, I just need a person t o love me the way I need to be loved. I) have learned taking things for granted can kill dream in a heartbeat. So be careful with what you have, always treasure it...... JM


Home Alone in a storm!

Original tit le I know but tonight is unique not because I am home alone at night, but because there's a mean storm outside! Call me a chicken, you can mock my cowardness but come on storms can do damage! I have seen storms do damage we all know that. When I was younger someone explained the thunder was angels bowling and lightning was God turning a flashlight on and off. Sounds good to me until I drove by a 100 foot tree struck down by lightning! Alright I may be overreacting but you get the idea.
The home alone part is tough. Alright granted my folks never go out and don't go out for long periods of timpe, but it's ALWAYS AT NIGHT. I mean don't get my wr ong there are times I wish I had the house to myself. This is not the prblem, it's the night time I hate. I mean am I right here folks? Give me your opinion!!
I wrote about a storm before and now this entry. People are probablly asking why am I writing about the weather, it's boring! Don't I have anything better to write about than the weather? I don't know, maybe since I am a skywarn spotter there's an inate bug for me to write about it. I mean people photograph weather, why can't I write about it? Look if the news media can cover damage after everystorm, I can cover it during the storm. I don't see the difference!!


Encrypted comms and interoperability don't mix!!

First I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to the surving members of the 9/11 attacks. Without rehashing everything I heard that day, one thing is for sure I never have felt more helpless than I did on that day. Although I know I'm not the only one. That being said I am going to take a slightly different approach.. that of a radio geek!
As we saw a few weeks ago during the hurricane the high and mighty "digital and encrypted" trunked systems came crashing down during the first hour s of the storm. There wasn't anything anyone could do, the most sophisticated communication device, bullhorns and PA systems in patrol cars. The only way to get a message out was to do it via amateur radio, plain old over the radio waves. No computers, no special digital radios, just free and clear communication. Are the officials listening? Probabllyt not. While I agree there are times certain police communications ashould be protected, the same system failed the emergency services of New Orleans and in turn failed the people I am not here to point fingers, there's too much of that going own right now. I am however going to point out from a communications standpoint that thne public safety officials are putting too much emphasis on protecting their communications than being practical. With all the critizism pointed at the President, the Governors and the local officials, there isn't enough blame being put on the industry that make the radios. The states and cities spent millions of dollars on upgrading communication systems and they FAILED. Radios that were considered "state of the art" FAILED ONCE AGAIN.
As a scanner listeniner obviously I am against digital and encrypted communications. Those who want full-time encryption have to answer this question, when has digital communications saved a life in a fire or a medical emergency? Never, not one time.
On 9/11 the radios failed, studies show the older radios would and did work, thus saving lives. You might have heard the families of the fallen firefighters and police officers are suing the manufacturers of the radios. Will it change the way we look at emergency communications? Only time will tell. However think about this, more departments are going back to their old systems. Why aren't the radios companies wake up and smelling the coffee??


Hams get noticed

Alright call me biased but I think ham radio operators really aren't getting enough credit. I have heard or read about the numerous communication failures when I know one communication aspect has been up and running constantly since before the storm hit, that's the HF (High Frequency) Net provided by amateur radio operators like myself! You know I cringe when I hear on the news "all communication is down". I along with other ham radio operators wished someone would say something about the efforts of our comrades in the south. Leave it to a fellow ham to bring our operations to the forefront! You can call half of us cazy, because we are, but when it comes down to it, we always come through. We were there in the wars from Veitnam to the current stuff in Iraq and we are coming through in not only Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, but were helpi So when one of us writes about we whe do in times of disaster, we all like to pass it around!