Exlpain this to me

Alright if you haven't heard about the "Duke rape c ase" you are living in a bubble, but here's a recap. Lacrosse players from Duke University down in North Carolina hired a stripper for a party. She claims she was raped, innocent until proven guilty remember? I am not going to give my opinion of the case, there are too many people doing that right now. I can't really comment on the accused because they aren't really doing anything different than anyone else accused of rape. They're denying it, allowing their lawyers do the talking and hanging low.; Anybody with half a brain that position would respond the same way. When something like this comes up in the news, no matter what t he outcome, I always think there is something missing. That's the problem when tragedies like this happen, all anyone does is repeat the same thing in fifty million different ways. All the reports ask the same questions in fifty million different variations. Bottom line is until I hear the final verdict or see some overwhelming evidence, I am remaining totally neutral.
There's a problem here, just because these young men used poor judgment, doesn't automatically mean they are guilty. Although I agree the season should be cancelled because even if they are innocent, doesn't mean there isn't a lesson to be learned. I hate hearing how they did absolutely nothing wrong when the did. They shouldn't have hired the stripper in the first place.
Onto the stripper herself.
What kind of "victim" hires a PR person days after g oing through that trauma? If I were her, I would have asked for a shrink. While nobody blames her for what happened, if it even did happen, I don't know of any victim responding to a crime. I have to admit, I did lose a bit of sympathy for her when I heard she hired a PR firm. People say it all the time, "rape is never the victim's fault", however I am not convinced these are the actions of a true victim. True victims would want to make sure this tragedy never happens again. True victims would never try to "profit" from crimes against them. I have seen a lot of victims in my day, they all acted differently. Most of them wanted to be left alone.. None of them hired PR firms days
after their attacks!!


Writing from the road--almost

When I first got into Dover and saw that I would have access to the Internet from Jane's house writing seemed like one of the main things I wouldf do while I was down there. Well my goials wher edrastically cut short. Even thought at the time it didn't seem like we were doing a lot, Jane and I managed short trips out every day. For those keeping track, we didn't go into Nashville except to go to and from the airport. Jane said Dover was more important and I had a great time! Oh yes I say this to everyone, "I went to Paris!", Paris Tennesse. Al-right I confess I didn't know about it either until I got there but they did indeed have a replica of the Effiel Tower and no you can't climb it.
We ate out alot and I even tried fried catfish, which for the record didn' t kill me, yet!
I'll never forget where exactly Jane lives, on the banks of a river. Of course the steamboats floating up and down the river helped also but you get the idea. She lives in a new development which is right between a Civil War battleground and a graveyard, very nice thoughts while drifting away to sleep in a pull-out couch.
The plane ride back to New Jersey was especially interesting especially since I bought Jeff a miniature metal cannon. I actually forgot to put in into my luggage and left it in my carry-on. Well sure enough the security clowns......I mean gaurds hand-checked it and allowed me to go through with it.