Shooting again

I have been practicing my photography a little more. Here is the Woodcliff Lake Fire Department Chuef's truck parked where else but outside Fusco's Market. The Fire Chief is busy in his store watching the Yankees get killed. He's making sandwhiches too, but the TV is always going in the background. That and a scanner to keep an ear on what's going on around town no wonder why I'm there so often!! It takes about any hour round trip however I usually chat for awhile before going on my merry way back home. I usally stop in a few times a week for a root beer and to catch up on the news around town. I also get a behind the scenes story about the lastest fire call. My goal has always been to photographer every fire chief's vehicle in the county. I shot the truck during the Memorial Day Parade but because it was moving, it didn't come out right. The difference on this shot was I had all the time in the world. My photography is getting better and at times I find it easier than writing.
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