2008 Presidental Campaign --My Style

I have never endorsed a canidate on here but there 'sw a first for eveything. As a self-proclaimed political junkie I have been glued to the election of 2008! Now many want to peg me as an extreme right or left winger depending on the atmosphere, but I am and alway will be an independent. I voted for John Kerry in 2004 not because I liked him, although I admmired hisa courage. My vote was against Bush and to correct a mistake that I made four years earlier. As you might have read on the Internet I was involved in the medical malpractice debate=. Since Bush was totally for the insurance companies and wanted to cap damages on medical malpractice lawsuits, I voted again him. Kerry wasn't any bargin, but I would rather die then vote for a third party. Bush won anyway and continued to flush the country down the toilet.
Now here it is the beginning of the next election cycle and with it comes a fresh set of canidates. I was originally secretly rooting for Rudy Guiliani and definitely felt my heart sank when he bowed out. The Republicans who said he wasn't conservative enough obviously forgot the beating they took two years ago during the Congressional races. For the record I did indeed vote Democrat, again more to punish the Republicans than anything else.
So Rudy's out and McCain is in, the die-hard right-wingers are cringing!! I like it when the fringe of either party starts to get nervous. Now the medical malpracticee issue was fortunately one of the few McCain rebuffed traditional Republican stance. While he was not openly supporting victims he wasn't standing o n the Senate floor open ly calling for caps on non-economic damages either. I always felt an Ex-P.O.W. knew the meaning of "pain and suffering" and thereford couldn't go along with restricting our rights. It would be the ultimate hypocrocy. Good thing the maverick of the Senate lived up to his name
I also like McCain because he's definitely his own man. Even though he is a Republican, he has pro[ven himself to be able to work well (some might say too well) with the other side of the aisle. Now Barack Obama promises he can unite the country, honestly I can see how. He's not reaching out like McCain. McCain has not been afraid to point to Bush's many flaws, however Obama can't point to one time when he's reached across the aisle. I met Mr. Obama on one of my many trips to Washington and was impressed by his wisdom at such aa young age. As much as I like him I feel he isn't ready to be President. He can't really point to any big accomplishments yet. I just don' t know why someone with plenty of time to run for President of the United States wants to run NOW.


The end of an era--Tri-Boro radio signing off

I purposely didn' t post anything in January because I wanted the first ramble of 2008 to be radio related. The 10-70 Repeater VHF contest was a few weeks and I did use my brand new Yaesu and made a decent amount of contacts. However instead of rehashing another contest, I decided to wait until another big radio event to break in the new year. As of a little while ago Tri-boro Dispatch has been disbanded and now the dispatching services for Montvale, Park Ridge and Woodcliff Lake are handled by Ridgewood Emergency Services. Now this has been in the works for over a year, talks, debates and other political wrangling I don't care to discuss. After all this today it became a good deal, well actually it was in testing mode all week. Not only were all Tri-boro's channels were active, but every unit in the Tri-boro area was coming up on the air introducing themseleves. I wish I could get a copy of the tapes!!!!!
The dispatching has been taken over by Ridgewood otherwise known Central Dispatch. Along with Montvale, Park Ridge and Woodcliff Lake Ridgewood dispatches Glen Rock and New Milford.

For the record as I'm writing this entry, I just heard my FIRST Woodcliff Lake Fire call dispatched by Central Radio!!