PV Class of 1998 Reunion

Alright followers of this blog must be doing a double take because about a year ago I wrote about the 1997 Class reunion. Well a little background. If you read the June 24 th you'll figure out I did high school in five years instead of four. Well both the Class of 97 and the Class of 98 made me one of their own so I went to two junior and two senior proms, going to two ten year reunions seemed like the natural progression. Besides Jeff has been wanting me to reunite with an old buddy Mike Miller, another PV alumni, and I didn' t want to disappoint him. I also worked hard those fives years to make friends and I wanted to see how everyone was doing
Ironically it was in the same place as last year so that was a bit of a downer. Last year I got a ride this year I had to rely on Mom and Dad's Taxi (a downer in itself.) Even though I would never convince anyone I got there 45 minutes before the event started just so nobody would notice they dropped me off. OK I screwed up the times AGAIN!
The reunion itself was a blur not because I drank too much but I did more listening than talking. Same old reunion crap, how have you been, do you know who got married, etc. Although my discussions about my traveling adventures sparked some interest. I forg ot to mention this site but I am c onvince if people want to findx me, I'm just a Google search away.
Lastly I missed seeing Lauren, a high school friend who I haven't seen in years. I really do miss her a lot especially around this time of year. I'm reminded the night before Thanksgiving in 199 7 when we went to a dance together. I haven't e-mail her lately either don't know why.
As my evening winded down I once again felt anxious in the beginning but soon after calmed down after a few drinks i n me1 For the record I probably will get roped into this again in another ten years
Unlike last year I didn't wind up going to the Cornerstone


1st Garden State License Plate Meet

I posted this to the ALPCA and Yahoo lists about the license plate meet that occured this past Saturday the above photos were taken by Jim Moini and Justin Mattes

Ok usually I'd come up with something very clever to say about this meet but all I can manage at this time is WOW! This day made all the hard work worth it. I swear Marco and I kept reminding ourselves this was our FIRST meet, I lost count 60 names in the log!! Despite the heavy rain at times, collectors came as far as Michigan and even Quebec to see what has been talked up for months. Advertising DOES WORK! I was VERY HAPPY to see Dave Kuhen on the slow but steady road to recovery. I want to say a th ank you to our auctioneer Ron Ridolph who did an excellent job, I promise I'll have a microphone next year!! Chuck Sakryd served as backup auctioneer and head sorter. Kurt Stentiford did an outstanding job as a solicitor for last minute donations while his dad Tim, editor of PLATES, did a tremendous job documenting the entire event on camera. John Northup did a great job showing off the upcoming improvements to the ALPCA archives!! Jim Moini not only got there early to help setup, he came to the rescue to drive me home to pickup forms I forgot, what else did you expect!! A hardy round of applause has to go to Marco's girlfriend Christy for book keeping (so glad we finally got to meet), my mom Mary for doing the last minute running around and last but certainly not least my brother Peter who- got the thankless job of helping clean up and driving me home!!
I do ask one last favor to the attendees, yes I am v ery demanding, the next time you see a Board member please thank them again for approving our region. It's a very simple thing but it means a lot to the Board to know they made the right decision!

Thank you to all who attended and thank you to all who donated plates.
See you next year

Justin Mattes ALPCA#6748


The White House Meeting

Ok Ok Barack Obama and Joe Biden won fair and square so President
Bush and the VP Dick Cheney invite them for lunch at the White House.
Now for all the bad things Bush has done these eight years he still is a
gracious host. He shows Obama around the White House, they tour the Rose
Garden , Bush gives Obama his first ride on Marine One, even offers to
help= Obama move his desk into the Oval Office. For all the bickering
they've done this past year the day is pretty flawless and they finally
have made their peace
Meanwhile down to hall in the VP's Office Dick Cheney and Joe Biden
aren't quite hitting it off. Cheney is packing up his books, popping his
heart meds while Biden is seeing how he's going to redecorate the
office. They are constantly getting in each other's way and it seems
they'll start throwing jabs at any moment. Finally Cheney's done packing
and starts to leave the offices. Biden asks Cheney if there's anything
he could do for him. Cheney turns and replies "Would you like to go hunting??"

Time to replace those bumper stickers

This was just too funny NOT to post!!


Post-election reality

I am not back-peddling here, the previous post was written to make people think I would vote one way when I really voted another. People read what I wrote and assumed I automatically would for McCain, not this time. Like I did with John Kerry I took a long look at George Bush and even though I still don't believe John McCain is a "Bush Clone" I was concerned about McCain's health and I just don't know enough about Sarah Palin to trust her. So it wasn't a vote against McCain, it was a vote again Palin.. This country couldn't afford Palin as VP. That's why I voted for Obama! I voted against B ush the last time and I voted against Palin this time. Odds are McCain's people downplayed his illnesses.
Secondly I would like to put on the record that I partly choose Obama because he is a minority. That might seem a bit narrowminded but again while Palin said she would be an advocate for children with disabilities, I didn't hear the specifics that would have convinced me she would have made good on her promise. While that didn't "scare " me it left me wondering why she didn't play up her advocacy role more? I don't mean have her son tied around her hip 24/7 but she didn't say enough to convince me she'd be MY advocate.
Voting for Obama was a risk and people know I am a risk taker. It's a risk because who knows what lies beyond the bend. At first it didn't seem calculated but now it seems I voted with my brain and not my heart. I just pray I made the right decision.


A preview of Election Day

Question to the group: Are you tired of all t he election day coverage already? The good thing is it's finally over. Now I'm not trying to minimize the importance of this election, it is indeed extremely crucial. However if you haven't made up your mind, I appreciate your position, as a matter of fact I am one of you. In this campaign I always said I could never vote for Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton or Dennis Kusinich. I couldn't vote for them because not matter what they said, no matter how m uch they smiled, I couldn't trust them on one general issue......NONE OF THEM could bring the country together! They couldn't do it!
I was already to vote for Obama if Thomspson Romeny or any other Republican was nominated. At first glimpse he brought hope, new ideas, and supposedly a "new form" of politics. Obama seemed he really could unite the country and his handful of endorsements from some high prof ile Republicans made him seem viable. Obama did inspire me like many other people and I) was ready to vote for him......until all these associations came out. I could handle Rev. Wright, but the Bill Ayers thing bother me and it still bothers me. It bother me when people want to bomb our government, because, no matter what ANYONE SAYS we ARE A fair country. That alone brought Obama's stock down in my book. I still respect him, but I am not 100 % behind him.
Onto McCain, I like McCain, I always liked him, he's a hero. I have admired his willingness to go with his gut, and take the heat. When he announced he was running again I the experience and the insight to be a great leader. I also felt bad and still feel bad fo r him because he has been unfairly linked to George Bush. My answer to people saying he voted with President Bush 95% of the time was the fact of the matter is about 40% of the issues McCain sided with Bush, that was merely ceremonial and the Democrats voted that way too. McCain has been an outspoken critic of Bush since Bush go into office. So voting 95% of the time with Bush doesn't cut it with me. I just w ish he voted against the CAPS! Nobody's perfect.
There has been a lot of focus on Gov. Sarah Palin. It's a bit ironic that the VP canidate has just as much weight as the person at the top of the ticket. My good friend Marilyn Arons says Sarah Palin scares her, I am not that dramatic. The thing about Sarah Palin isd she says she would be an advocate for people with disabilities, I have yet to hear specifics, that scares me.
Finally let's take a look at Congress, now I'm sorry to say my district has two of the most pathetic Canidates I have ever seen.......Scott Garrett vs Dennis Schulmann. Big business's best friend versus someone who supports Hamas. Not exactly a choice. I am going for a third party in that category in protest!
My feeling was always one of balance. What scares me more than Sarah Palin is one party dominating all forms of government. The Democrats have had control of both houses for two years and have nothing to show for it. Yeah they can blame Bush, but I don't recall him vetoing anything major.
I will more than likely post a post-election review sometime Wenesday or Thursday!
Say tuned!!!!!!!!!!!