They did nothing about it

You folks know by now I tend to comment on politics from a truly non-partisan approach and I definitely condemn the IL Governor, he evens LOOKS like a sleezebag from the picturs and videos I have seen. The guy virtually has zero allies, I mean even President Bush still has he Cabinet and a handful of Congresspeople defending him. Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich can't expect even one ounce of sympathy from the people of Illinois, but they reelected him just one month ago. You can't honestly tell me that a month ago everything in the Land of Lincoln was great and that this came out of right field. I can't believe people can indeed be that blind. It amazes me that the parties have that much influence on people that they would blindly just retain the status quo. I would bet you the next election cycle the Democrats unfortunately retain control. However it has been documented that the Republicans have their own sets ofc ethical issues to worry about so they aren't free and clear of anything.
Secondly it amazes me how many people actually WANT Obama's Senate seat! To me looking at it from the computer screen in Bergen County NJ you couldn't GIVE the seat away, let alone sell it. Anyone claiming to clean up the corruption and already has ties to any government position in the entire state should automatically be DISQUALIFIED! I'm not saying all IL politicians are dirty, but perspection is reality. If you want to really improve the state's political image you get a vitural unknown figure, this time the idea WILL work! Polticians have never learned their lesson and the never will.
Third, and this is a reason why you NEVER TRUST POLLS and why POLLSTERS have no brains. 9% of people still think Blagojevich should remain in office. This begs the question who in the State of Illinois ARE these people:? They shouldn't be allowed TO VOTE!!!!

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