A few "subtle changes"

Well if you haven't visited Mattes's Madness in a few days, there have been a few improvements. I am playing around with a few things. First the color scheme, bear with me on this one. I wanted something that said fall, the red and orange seemed like a good idea. It don't think it's pemanent but for now it's saying maybe for a week or two, then I'll change it around, maybe even back to the other colors.
Secondly I FINALLY figured out how to center the license plate graphic on top of the page. I know it bothered a lot of people but it's finally fixed! Now if I can link it to my e-mail instead of this page, I'll set it up!
I have been cleaning up a few entries that didn't have tags on them and even using a spell check here and there.
Finally when this blog started I used a screenname I always use "jaymatt1978" then I decide to register "justinmattes.com" and forward it to "jaymatt1978.blogspot.com". I was going to change it to "justinmattes.blogspot.com but never got qaround to it !


The plate meet saga--2nd Annual ALPCA Garden

It all started back in September when the town rejected our application to use the Tice Center. I didn't realized that last year the council thought the plate meet fell under an OEM event, don't ask me why. So this year when I submitted the application I didn't think much of it. The woman in charge of the place e-mailed me saying the town rejected our application. After a day of thought Marco and I put out some feelers to see if someone could come up with a neww place. In the midst of this chaos another monkey wrench was thrown into the mix when I got the i9nvitation to Dennis and Erin's wedding. The wedding was the same day. So I sent Marco an e-mail stating the if we change the location we might as well change the date as well. Enter a fellow New Jersey ALPCAN Ed Natale who said he c ould get a place in Waldwick fast. Since we didn't have a lot of time Marco and I made new fliers up without seeing the place....BIG MISTAKE*. So here we were a month before the new date and we didn't have a viable location. We're finally all set. People interested in attending please e-mail me at kc2gik@justinmattes.com

So for the record here is the FINAL DATE AND LOCATION:
2nd Annual ALPCA Garden State Region Meet
November 21,2009 8:00AM -2:00PM
Knights of Columbus Hall
46 Pascack Road
Washington Township, NJ 07676
Google Map to the meet


Sullivan's Island Lighthouse

This past week I have been visiting my Aunt Katy in Summerville SC. My folks and I, along with my Aunt Ilse who flew in from California, really had a ball this week. One of the more recognizable highlights, for this blog anyway, is a trip to visit the Sullivan's nIsland Lighthouse. Even though I have visited it before, had my own camera this time. So like I did in Lake Erie, I approached this shoot semi-casually, but I wanted to add it to my collection. The bad part is this lighthouse is closed to the public and doesn't offer a passport stamp but I got some great shots.
For all you ARLHS members yes I was yearning for my Yaesy FT-897 so I could fire up PSK and give out ARLHS# USA-827. I am still working on getting this laptop to work with my RigBlaster. However I also need a portable 20 Meter antenna. One thing at a time!!