Plenty of blame to go around

I was watching the Senate Hearings on the oil spill in the gulf few weeks ago and as soon as Tony Hayward opened his mouth an environmetal activist interrupted the hearing and had to be escorted out. Now Tony Hayward deserves every single bad thing that has happened to him, but he isn't a demon nor does he deserve to be demonized to the point where he can't control the cleanup.  He didn't personally cause the leak, but needs to  answer some tough questions.  There's a problem with having him be the only bad guy. Why doesn't the government understand they are partly to blame?  The dergulation of the oil companies are partly to blame. Why can't the government work with BP  instead of fighting with them?
If people think I am defending BP consider this comparison. For years it has been argued that torturing terror suspects doesn't prevent terrorist attacks. Well let's turn that around a bit. Beating up on BP doesn't solve the problem either. They know they screwed up and I have a feeling they know people are hurting. However Iwould stay away from people who constant;ly bad-mouth me. Putting the boot on their necks prevents the oil companies to move. You want action
 The big problem with the oil companies is that they= can't drill anywhere but the ocean, so this stuffis going to continue. I think the big problem is balance, the oil comnpanies want to drill absolutely everywhere and the environmentalistsd want to ban drilling completely. We need to develop safer ways to drill while investing in different sources of energy, including nuclear!

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