Another hoax?

As the news about the LA school "threat" flashed across the T.V., I just shrugged and said to myself, yet another hoax. Then one of the police officials stood at the bank of microphones and said those magical two words,  "credible threat", my ears perked. The sad reality in today's news either something tragic happens and we shake our heads or there's a threat, it is overblown and the finger pointing ensues. The ongoing theme is, "The good guys have to be right\ part of the time, the bad guys on;y have to  be right once. However a third dimension is the bad guys are turning the good guys bad because people overreact. The flip side is the moment we let our guard down, the bad guys attack. There is always a chance the threat is real and all threats are to be taken seriously.
The  events of today made people uneasy, especially because it was a school and there have been too manhy horrific events  targeting schools in recent years.  Even though nothing happened today, people see a school threatened and immediately have flashbacks of Sandy Hook and Columbine. There's was physical harm done, but the psychological impact won't go away so quickly. Is that all it takes now?  Someone  phoning in a phony threat? Well officials say the threat was "credible" and there's no reason not to accept it. In previous times people would let these events lessen their defenses. However I feel it will make things even more tense. It already has people talking, it's all over the news, and in this blog. The problem unlike when horrific events actually occur, the next time there's a hoax, I bet you today's events won't be mentioned.We will never be able to  balance the times we overreacted with the times we didn't react fast enough News of what didn't happen in LA will fade into the background, but I bet you the kids and teachers going to that school will now look over their shoulders a bit more.
Schools are doing the best they can to protect children and staff against these attacks, but the problem of balancing being aware of your  surroundings and not being in a constant state of panic needs to be addressed.. How much you want the bet school attendance will be down for the rest of the week, if not longer?  It is often said the terrorist win if we ignore warning signs, they also win if we are too scared that it interferes with our daily lives. I want to know when we start winnings?


Blaming the wrong people

We all remember the "Clock Boy" incident where a young,` yes Muslim,high school student disassembled an alarm clock threw it in a shoe box then took it to school? Though technically he didn't "build" anything, he took something partially apart and put it in a different box. He did absolutely no electronic assembly what-so-ever. even I could disassemble a clock and throw it in a metal box and say I built new clock.It had wires coming out of it and it did look weird, though I wouldn't have called it a "bomb" Of course in this day in age the school thought it looked suspicious when he showed the clock to the teacher, the teacher warned him having something like that might concern people. It did and he was sent to the principal's office where the principal said the "invention" looked dangerous and called the police. This was after he was given plenty of time to explain to school officials what the device could do, and refused. Let's be absolutely clear here  the school called the police and described the device looked like a bomb  to them. The police arriveed and again gave "Clock Boy" a another chance to explain, he refused and they arrested him.  It took a long time for "Clock Boy" to finally explain himself, The charges were dropped the same day with an apology, if they were ever even officially filed.

Within a few days news spread with the usual twist, police 'profiled" another Muslim for just using his "gifts".Once again the "police acted stupidly" and now the City or Irvine Texas has to pay. They trampled on the constitution.President Obama invited "Clock Boy" to the White House to show off his "?invention". Clock Boy got calls from tech companies and colleges, all for disassembling a common digital alarm clock. However I need to point something out here, the school should be the focus of the lawsuit, not the police. Of course the lawsuit is filed against "The City of Irvine" which incorporated both the school and the police, but let's be clear going after the police is much more attention grabbing than going after  than school district. The police protocols are under attack, not how the school reacted. The picture of  "Clock Boy" being taken away in handcuffs will be center stage, because there are no pictures of him being questioned by the principal. We often lecture how we should never "blame the victim" however I believe a number of the school "incidents" don't get the attention until the police get involved. That way if something goes wrong we can always blame the perfect scapegoats.....the police


Apply the WMD test

 Democrats insist the ongoing problems in the Middle  East can't be solved b y the United States, especially with military actions. The insist defeating ISIS is just one big game of whack-a-mole and we need to pull out and let the fire burn itself out. They said the Iraq war was a mistake from day one and they best thing to do is to leave the area completely. People against the war seem to think while Saddam was a brutal dictator, he did keep some stability in the region. Some claim since he didn't have WMD's, even though years later Bush was actually proved right, didn't pose a threat to the United States proving to some the entire war was one big mistake and it did the opposite of the main goal, made the world less safe The problem is because nobody knew if Saddam definitely had WMD. However people in Iraq are living better, they are having elections and yes they are better of without Saddam, it has just taken a longer time than anyone expected and there's still a very long way to go. George Bush warned of the danger of leaving Iraq too early, virtually all of his predictions came true We thought we learned a valuable lesson from the Iraq war, never meddle in international affairs without a grasp on the ramifications. We didn't learn our lesson and we're heading down a similar path in regards to= Syria

A wise president would have studied Bush's mistakes in Iraq and applied them to the current troubles in  Syria. Bush stressed the urgency of ridding the world of Saddam and Obama is pressuring the country to open its doors.. He  says the refugees coming to the  United States will be vetted, we can't even vet people crossing over the Mexican border properly. Obama says we must use our resources to help the international community, this is like  George Bush claiming the troops goings into Iraq would be seen as "liberators" which in the end it did happen, Iraq IS free for the most part better  off. However he greatly miscalculated what it would take in human life and treasure. That  caused a chain reaction that created  ISIS and as a result the Iraq liberation is seen by   some as one of the worst military debacles in history. They  have their points. So why can't Obama slow down and let things play out more. We have allies in between  the US and Syria,, why can't  they start taking some refuges and we'll follow. Obama is good from leading behind, maybe he should stick to it?

The Syrian crisis has the potential to be a lot worse because we don't know what we're getting into by allowing these refugees into the country.  The unknowns are horrifying, the Boston bombers had ties to Syria, if you play the odds, if we  let masses into this country chances are there will be another attack. It's just a matter of time


7th Annual ALPCA Garden State Region Meet

Well another successful Garden State Meet  has come and gone! Once again 
American Legion Post 157 opened its doors to   just shy of 50 collectors 
coming from as far away as  Arizona joined members from up and down the 
eastern seaboard for another wonderful day of collecting. Setup began 
just shy of the official start time of 8AM, by the time official trading 
began, the hall was filled with activity. Adam Garstka not only served 
as the official photographer for the meet, he brought a wonderful 
display of early Connecticut plates and licenses. He was accompanied by 
Dave Kuhen, always wonderful to see Dave in New Jersey.  We had some new 
faces at the meet this year including brothers  Jon and Phil Leib, both 
with encyclopedic knowledge of New Jersey license place history. I wish 
we had more time to chat Convention Chairman Ned Flynn urged members to 
make their reservations for the 2016  ALPCA Convention in Fort Wayne. 
Jason DeCesare was  one of the most entertaining auctioneers  with Jack  
Hollingsworth assisting  as runner.. Co-host Ed Butler once again 
managed all of the financial transactions and kept the meet running  
smoothly. He also picked up a 1907 New Jersey Prestate for his 
collection! After the meet a group of us made our traditional pit stop 
at  Charlie Bloods in Garfield for a late lunch arranged by Ed Natale.. 
Hungry collectors traded stories of the day in between bites of food 
while catching college football games on TV .
Please join us next year, October 22,2016 at the American Legion Post 
157 in Elmwood Park for another wonderful day of collecting!!!!
Respectfully submitted by Justin Mattes ALPCA#6748


Why taking things away doesn't work

First and foremost my thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the shootings in Oregon. Too often we have seen people resort to voilence to solve problems. Too many times we have seen guns in the hands of emotionally unstable people, who don't follow a routine that hhelps them live a productive life. Not enough people recognize the warning signs to help[ these people. It bothers me we have seen tragedy yet to have a serious discussion about mental health . We have become the "fix it now society" where we want to take a little magic pill to make things all filled with rainbows and puppy dogs. The problem with this is the side effects. Every drug avertised comes with a laudry list of side effects, hair loss, sexual problems, weight gain, and yes DEATH. Prescription drug overdoses cause more deaths in this country than guns. Yet there are less restrictions on prescription drugs than guns. You can transport these drugs across state borders no problem, sell them illegally and spend not even a year in jail. Yet they do more harm, they themselves kill people. People on them have committed crimes, including murder, which by the way isn't only shooting, but stabbings, blunt forced truamas (I watch too much SVU) and all kinds of other methods. However only overdoses are only directly linked to medication deaths. If I took a bunch of pills then shot up a community college, the shooting would obviously make the headline and maybe somewhere deep in the story it might be mentioned I took heavy duty anti-phsycotic medicaations, if at all. However nobody advocates more restrictions ono these medications. Nobody claims these medications are too easy to obtaion, prescriptions can be forged too easily. , Ok we can restrict guns, but how's about we start with the guns that come into the country illegally from Mexico? Practically all of these "illegal" guns came from south of the border. People who support strict control claim the other side doedsn't wa nt gun con trol of any kind. This is com,plete nonsense and everybody knows it. They also can't accept the fact the cities with the stricest gunn control laws have the most crime. Plus banning "assault rifles" gives the authorities too much leeway. Like I said before why don't they ban all gun IMPORTS first? Secondly anyone caught crossing either Mexico or Canada with an illegal gun gets a minimum 20 year prison sentence and is placed on a watch list. Finally I think national gun laws need to be reviewed for loophole before new lawas are passed. This has been a thorn in the side of gun rights advocates forever. Every time there's a mass shooting those in favor of gun control insist by passing new laws, thinking makes us safer. When people respond by insisting loopholes be closed, there's always pushback. I don't understand why there resistance to close loopholes. It's a lotr easier and more people support this method than banning guns completely. Yo u need to quit trying extreme measures when you haven't giving less extreme measures a chance to work


When not understanding is a defense

When people called Bruce Jenner a 'hero when he came out, declared himself a woman and c hanged his name to Kate, i cringed. I cringed at the fact he was called a "hero", because while she may have gave other transgendered people a voice they need, she didn't 'struggle".  She was met with overwelming support and when even  a hint of negative feedback was sensed, Kate's supporters pounced.  Words like "intolerance'" and throw-backs to the Civl Rights movement were immediately invoked. the difference is with the way news travels, the 'haters" were squelched before it hint the evening news. people say Caitlyn inspired other transgendered people to stand up for trheir rights, which should be applauded, but when is enough is enough? 1 When does the pendulum swing too far in the other direction? Enter Lila Perry of Missiouri

Ms Perry was born male and at the age of 13 came out as being gay. A few years later she announced she identified herself as female . She initially used a gender-neutral faculty restroom, but, when Perry added P.E. to her schedule, she decided to begin changing in the girls’ locker room. This is when her problems started. Girls started complaining and did want to change with Perry, parents complained too. The school offered her to change in a gender-neutral bathroom, but Perry cried discrimination and in comes the ACLU with lawsuits flying.  Of coure included are comparisons to the Jim Crow which scares this kids half to death they don't want to be labelled as biggots,  on the other hand they don't feel comfortable. Kids at that age have enough to worry about when it comes to sex now you add Lila Perry into the mix, it's a nightmare for everyone, not just Lila! Lila needs to understand even when intergrationg olf the schools was implemented, there still was,  and still are, some rough spots.  tThis doesn't give the kids the right to tease her or treat  her poorly. However Lila has to realize these kids will see her as different and won't accept her entirely. She has to be ok they feel that way. After all THEY'RE KIDS

Whenever someone under eighteen commits a crime, they enter the juvenile court system.  The reason behind this thinkin is nthey're too immature to realize the consequences of their actions. Well if it's good enough for the court system isn't good enough when  trying to comprehend the transgendereds? don't get me wrong kids can be downright cruel, i have witnessed this firsthand plenty of times. However acceptance does go both ways. ms Perry should realize the treatment she's getting is more out of fear than out of hatred, at least I hope so/.


Rachel Dolezal harmed minorities

The minute the Rachel Dolezal story broke, I felt ill. It's like somebody sucker-punched me right in the balls/ A white woman posing as a black woman, what's next? I felt betrayed because people with disabilities are often the only ones who get called-out for portraying themselves as "victims". They are still the ones who automatically ands unfairly targeted for being "burdens" because to some degree it''s true.
Dolezal's problems where entirely her own doing, she made herself  a target, there's no other way around it.  It's on her birth certificate, it's in her DNA, SHE'S WHITE Yet she insists she is "transracial", a complete farse even in 2015.
I don't understand the premise of  "trans-racial" and Im not alone She's not "brave",l  she did not "come out". Her defenders have said Dolezal had to  struggle with "racial idenity" the ways some gays, lesibans and transgended people struggle with sexual idenity. This at the least nis foolish and at worst is dangerous. For years people have gone to extreme lengths to say sexually orientation is not a choice, I believe them. There is plenty of evidence to back this up. Also she's the only person TO "come out:".  Don't you  think if this was something real other people would "come-out" os "trans-racial"?  People are playing with fire when they comparig racial ideninty with sexual[ orientation because it  allows others to revert back to stereotypes people are trying to get past, it's a  choice.
If society accepts Dolezal, people will be making more outlandish claims. What if a Chinese baby grew up in China and one day decided she was German?  If Dolezal is really "trans-racial" why aren' t other  "trans-racial" people "coming out"? Why don't you see black people, born to black parents, coming out and proclaiming they're white? Usually when something like this happens other people step forward with similar backgrou nds. Nobody has stepped forward yet
 Take a look at her family.Her biological parents ARE white, all her other family ARE WHITE. A  w hite man and a white woman CAN'T physically produce a black ch ild. There no blacks anywhere in her immediately family tree.  Also love is more then physical attraction. For years people have been claiming race is only skin deep, but it's also a cultural identity as well that should be celebrated. Dolezal is turning that identity on its head and it does a disseevice to black people.


This is MY PAGE

All I can say and will say is ENOUGH. I talked it  over with  one of my "liberal" f riends privately and she agrees I NEVER POSTED ANYTHING RACIAL DURING THESE LAST FEW DAYS. Some of you seem to forget as much as you think I'm "priveledged" (and in some ways I real ly am) I have indeed gotten the short end of the stick in life. I have been "abused' in my life and been treated unfairly, I KNOW what anger is, trust me I have let it get thye better of me more times than I care to admit. I KNOW the system isn't perfect and plenty of know I have even tried to CHANGE IT PEACEFULLY. Someone says I have   "white priviledge" I makes me want to mother fucking puke. I'm, everything BUT "privledged" These protesters aren't human they're fucking animals and it has nothing to do with the color of their skin. BTW YES I DO  SUPPORT THE POLICE not all police. Of course there are bad cops, but here's a fucking clue THEY'RE  THE MINORITY TOO. People on ALL SIDES ARE TOO QUICK TO  JUDGE, ME INCLUDED. But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and be accused of prejudice thoughts or posts. One last thing this is MY PAGE, what I say I mean and I mean what I say.  While I welcome lively debate I will not be walked all over and YES.. I WILL DELETE COMMENTS. I would never accuse anyone of "censorship" if they deleted something I put on their page....IT'S THEIR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Reaction to the snow

Spring is here at last
If you believe that you're smoking grass
Winter can pucker up and kiss my ass
I'll cope with some whiskey in a glass
Spring ISN'T HERE at last!


My Time at Kessler--Part II

Here  are some of my status updates I posted on Facebook, kind of like a journal. At  times I didn't want to go, for a variety of reasons, but I went anyway. I also have to admit I did my fair share of complaining. Due to the scheduling of the transportation company I usually arrived a half hour early. I couldn't read there were to many distractions. I texted friends, who usually answered while I was in therapy. My mom joked it got me out of the house which was good for all of us. It was also interesting I was .telling mom and dad things going on there and told Becky, the OT,  stuff going on at home and in Cape May.  She knows about Kristi and Sean's wedding, and yes the story behind getting a date. Anyway the material wasn't good enough for full-blown blog entries, but perfect for Facebook Status Updates

So here it is one of the goals of the OT is me living more independently so we're getting into cutting food food prep, and cooking. My plan cook a meal for someone special! This is mid February I have until the middle of April to make this happen. This requires three parts, part one, convincing the folks to let me stay home, part two actually asking someone over for dinner three pulling it all together. FYI I don't know which part is going to be hardest. I NEED to do this! That or have the guys over for steaks and beers. MAYBE BOTH SINCE they be gone for a few days This is the stuff I think about going back and forth to Saddle Brook.

 NO  MATTER WHAT I DO IT IS N'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY FATHER SO WHY DO I G BOTHER. I came home from PT and explained what i did, like the old man really cares. You know what his only comment was? HIS ONLY COMMENT: YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT SOONER! Now think about t hat then try and tell me wouldn't that piss you off?

New driver got lost getting to my house...I always get nervous with new drivers

Great listening to Korean love songs on the way to Kessler

80 POUND LEG PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!


 So there it is folks sixteen sessions eight weeks thirty-two hours and I'm back to where I was just about seven years ago! I'm stronger, not falling as much. The difference is now I can use an electric razor, CAN BUTTON A DRESS SHIRT, can cook on a stove and even pour liquid without spilling it. Mom's happy the fronts of my shoes aren't wearing down as much. Quite fitting I ended PT on World Cerebral Palsy Day.........Thanks Gary and Becky........... for everything!

My Time at Kessler--Part I

It started a little over a year ago I was falling more, my folks kept reminding me they were doing too much for me and wouldn't be around forever and I honestly felt like my body was getting tighter. I joined the Y MCA for swimming a few days a week, it helped some  but I was falling more and losing control of my body. Years of  "you need to get yourself to a gym" couldn't be ignored any more.  Last May I went to see the orthopedic doctor down at Kessler Rehab, she said it was time I consider going back to PT and OT, twice a week for eight weeks. She wanted to start over the summer, the first summer we had the new house in Cape May. My mom and I looked at each other in horror. What would we tell my dad?  It was decided I could wait until fall, then we agreed January after the holidays. With the transportation in place, for the most part I s

The PT was very straight forward, I work with the machines to build up strength and to loosen my body. He said we ,need to get your endurance up, so for the n ext eight weeks I was put on exercise machines and even started  to do some cross-training. I kept reminding myself that if I knew this was  the kind of PT I would be doing, I would have started a lot sooner. It also made a difference he was a guy,  up until this point all my PT's when I was younger were women. Whole different experience working with a guy. He was tough, but not mean//. He didn't water anything down and did something I'll always remember, push myself. I soon realized he was

 The OT sessions on the other hand were a bit more complex. During the initial interview the OT commented,first day  there  I was put through the ringer with all kinds tests for hand and arm strength, and coordination..  The OT is a lady obviously younger than I am she repeated what I have been hearing for years, your folks aren't going to be around for ever, it's time you start doing stuff like cooking on your own. Then she got into dressing I said yeah I dressed myself, except small buttons and shoe laces. Basically she helped me problem solve daily living obstacles. She also was someone around my age I could to talk outside of a bar setting. She also was very  objective about how I was getting through  life and how I could make things better.] It took me awhile to figure it out, but she was teaching me life skills I had neglected to  learn when I was younger, much to my family's dismay. She also helped me find my confidence again,  something that was missing for years

During those eight weeks I wasn't only getting physically stronger, I was served a few doses of reality as well. Kessler after all is a rehabilitation center,  meaning people who have had  injuries due to accidents g o there to try to regain control of their bodies. I saw folks both younger and older, walking with a walker or crutches, to folks who could barely lift their arms.  The youngest boy was  either a  freshman or sophomore in high school  the oldest woman seemed to be in her eighties. We  rooted for each  other, not vocally but gave each other glances of  encouragement whenever we had a break from working out

 Continue reading My Time at Kessler Part II


Justin's Internet Reading List-- Part I

Sitting here during this latest bout of bad weather I tried to come up with an entry.  Well nothing came to mind until I started reading other people's blogs. Then the light bulb went offf, why don't I share the blogs I read with other people? I picked five blogs  I read on a regular basis. Meaning whenever they post, I read. While I was at it I sent a blanket to them describing what I was doing.

The Back Bumper by Jon Upton- Jon is a fellow license plate collector from Ontario Canada who composes in-dept posts about different aspects of the hobby. From collecting in general to more technical aspects like restoration. I like his humor and thoroughly enjoy  his take on the hobby. Being from Canada I have to get used to the spelling. I have been reading his blog the longest

Love That Max by Ellen Seideman--  While searching for people with Cerebral Palsy who blog, I came across Love That Max written from a mom's point-of-view about her son Max with CP. What drew me  to Ellen's blog is she writes frequent, long posts that always leave a smile  on my face when I finish reading. Every Friday she has her "Special Needs Blogger Link-up which is where bloggers can submit posts from the week Max is also an avid fire buff, which is an added bonus I hope to meet them someday

Dating in a Digital Age: A Horror Story by Tricia Murdy--  As she writes at the top they dated for eight years and when they broke up she decided to try digital dating. I actually went to school with the guy.

I'm Not Here To Inspire You by Rob J. Quinn-- Rob has CP and wrote a book with the same name. LikeEllen he blogs about his life with CP. It's  edgey and just a good read in general

DC Scanning by David Schoenberger-- Well I started with one hobby, I might as well finish with the other, police scanning! Dave is ten times better at sniffing out new freqeuncies than I'll ever be. His website inspired the Close Call Hit Log on Bergenscanner.

It took just shy of a year to complete6, but here's the second part:
Justin's Internet Reading List-- Part II


So the Superbowl

I  was going to write the post prior to the game, but like many posts, it just never panned out. The game itself was amazing, but since the Seattle Sehawks got robbed of a vback-to-back victory, I'm going to dance around the main event. First off m y favorite commercial has to be t he Budweiser "lost puppy" commercial.  I do n't often pat myself on the back but I commented everywhere I saw the commercial, "a puppy and horses, how could you go wrong." However the group Sleeping at Last did a slowed down version of the  song "500 Miles" originally made famous by the Proclaimers. I remember the first time I heard the Proclaimers version, it was  in my local barber shop during a haircut. I have since watched the commercial a million times. The entire commercial is simply brillant.  I get a lump in my throat whenever I hear the hay in the stall start to russle. All puppies are playful, always getting into trouble and always very cute. It's t he ending, when the horse rescue the pup from the wolves, that really hits home, beecause it shows true love. You beleive the horses will kill, or be killed,absolutely anything, to protect the puppy
Like a lot of events in my life, traditions have morphed over years. Superbowls celebrated at grandma's have turned into spending the afternoon over friends house up the  road. The group of people are older and mosty have kid, some teenagers already. So I'm the "uncle", a role I am now used to. I see the kids running around with the toys they got a little over a month earlier. The conversations range from commenting  Last year I actually won the pool, a cool $300! So  throughout  the night I kept getting threats that if I won the pool again. I'm thankful that didn't happen because I might be hanging on a tree somewhere!


Don't discuss EVERYTHING

A few months ago I wrote about how I am a big Billy Joel fan and have joined a Facebook group called Billy Joel Retold for Billy Joel fans. Now I think saying I'm a huge fan isn't completely true bec ause I haveen't been to a concert YET, but that's not because of lack of trying.  I joined the page because I actually wanted to learn what other people feel about his music. On the whole it's a very cool group and I even chatted with his former drummer, Liberty Devitto, a few times. However I find mysef not getting involved in most of the discussions because they just don't seem too interesting. The topics seem to get stale very quickly and I have Writing that  in itself would make s ome people in the group  cringer, even go as far as calling me a troll. The thing of it is, I just like Billy Joel's music, that's it. I also have read a lot of his lyrics a nd studied them basically because people forget musicians who write their own lyrics are indeed poets at heart, even when they won't admit it
One thing I know is I said it doesn't matter now I'm accused of "not being a Billy Joel Fan".. Not that this statement  does anything to me but I have to wonder if I'm not a fan why have I devoted two posts to Billy Joel in two months? I am a fan OF HIS MUSIC. When th ese types of topics come up for discussion I just roll my eyes. Mostly because  one of the things I admire  most about Billy Joel is he DOESN'T discuss these things. Whenl there's an issue he feels strongly about,like the Long Island  fishermen back in the nineties, h e speaks out but he isn't in your face about it. He supports music pro=grams for children by donating his time and money. You don't need religion to be a good person
'I turn to the book Celebutards by Andrea Peyser, where she discusses liberal celebrities who mouth off about  politics and how foolish some fans are for blindly supporting t hem in everything they do.  The only advice Billy Joel ever gavee to his fans is "Don't take any shit from anybody"that's very sound advice!


Starting 2015 in Cape May

Well i t has been in the works since before Thanksgiving, even back during 4th of July. My folks wanted to have a big New Years Eve party with their friends down in Cape May. During our trip down there Thanksgiving weekend, my frien Angie, who I met at the VFW announce she's holding a fundraise for her ranch NYE. Something of a tradition for her and the VFW, so I wanted to support it.  Also I knew I'd be spending a lot of time there since my folks had a full house of their friends. For some reason  I hi t it off right with all o f them, maybe because they found out early that I don't take any punches without throwing a few of my own. Also in Woodcliff Lake when we were growing up my brothers had neighbors in back of us to escape our hou se fore a while, maybe this i s a little payback for all those years of seeing them have fun so accesible from out house.   My dad joined pretty much right after we moved in, however I kind of hijacked his kmembership! This was going on for a year, so for 2015 I became a member on my own, which was kinds of funny to  all of them because they thought I joined long ago.
Back in November one of the regulars, Shane Meir ran and won a seat on the Cape May City Council. While my online politic antics are well-known i, am usual tight-lipped in the  VFW. Well the whole  crew was very supportive. So when I found out he wasgoing to be sworn in on New Years Day, it was obvioud I needed to be there. It was going to be tricky because I was overly concerned it was going to  be early in the morning however it was scheduled for the afternoon. Although I still overslept and had to scramble to shower and get dressed. Also in pure Cape May fashion I had to ride the scooter down to City Hall and park it outside then climbed the steps to City Hall. I made my way into the council chambers and sat through the entire ceremony!