Why taking things away doesn't work

First and foremost my thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the shootings in Oregon. Too often we have seen people resort to voilence to solve problems. Too many times we have seen guns in the hands of emotionally unstable people, who don't follow a routine that hhelps them live a productive life. Not enough people recognize the warning signs to help[ these people. It bothers me we have seen tragedy yet to have a serious discussion about mental health . We have become the "fix it now society" where we want to take a little magic pill to make things all filled with rainbows and puppy dogs. The problem with this is the side effects. Every drug avertised comes with a laudry list of side effects, hair loss, sexual problems, weight gain, and yes DEATH. Prescription drug overdoses cause more deaths in this country than guns. Yet there are less restrictions on prescription drugs than guns. You can transport these drugs across state borders no problem, sell them illegally and spend not even a year in jail. Yet they do more harm, they themselves kill people. People on them have committed crimes, including murder, which by the way isn't only shooting, but stabbings, blunt forced truamas (I watch too much SVU) and all kinds of other methods. However only overdoses are only directly linked to medication deaths. If I took a bunch of pills then shot up a community college, the shooting would obviously make the headline and maybe somewhere deep in the story it might be mentioned I took heavy duty anti-phsycotic medicaations, if at all. However nobody advocates more restrictions ono these medications. Nobody claims these medications are too easy to obtaion, prescriptions can be forged too easily. , Ok we can restrict guns, but how's about we start with the guns that come into the country illegally from Mexico? Practically all of these "illegal" guns came from south of the border. People who support strict control claim the other side doedsn't wa nt gun con trol of any kind. This is com,plete nonsense and everybody knows it. They also can't accept the fact the cities with the stricest gunn control laws have the most crime. Plus banning "assault rifles" gives the authorities too much leeway. Like I said before why don't they ban all gun IMPORTS first? Secondly anyone caught crossing either Mexico or Canada with an illegal gun gets a minimum 20 year prison sentence and is placed on a watch list. Finally I think national gun laws need to be reviewed for loophole before new lawas are passed. This has been a thorn in the side of gun rights advocates forever. Every time there's a mass shooting those in favor of gun control insist by passing new laws, thinking makes us safer. When people respond by insisting loopholes be closed, there's always pushback. I don't understand why there resistance to close loopholes. It's a lotr easier and more people support this method than banning guns completely. Yo u need to quit trying extreme measures when you haven't giving less extreme measures a chance to work