Justin's Internet Reading List-- Part II--Bloggers Read

A year ago I wrote an entry entitled Justin's Internet Reading List Part I  where I highlighted the blogs I read on a regular basis and comment often. Two of the people I have known even before I starting blogging so I really feel like reading their blogs is  like catching up with old friends, a way to stay in touch. Many bloggers on the Internet, whether they be blogging about politics, relationships, children growing up or more specialized, license plate collecting or raising a child with a disability or having a disability yourself usually do a lot of reading about topics that would write on their own blogs.

For instance Ellen Seidman (Love That Max) often highlights other issues surrounding kids with disabilities in general, not just CP, I can tell based on her profile she's written for a number of parent magazines as well and has attended blogging conferences. David Schoenberger (DC Scanning) uses his blog to supplement his website to quickly post radio  frequencies he's found during major events. I get e-mails whenever these blogs are update, when an e-mail comes I scan the headline to see if I want to read the entry of the day and then move on

I cringe when bloggers say they barely have time to write  their own blog, they don't have time to read what else is out there. You need to read what other people are saying, other points of view. I WATCH Fox News and I READ the Huffington Post, which I often walk away from the laptop because I'm so angry;! However I peek at it still just to get a different point of view. I even occasionally go on the DailyKos if I need to raise  my blood pressure !

I don't actively advertise I'm on Twitter but you can follow me  @justinkc2gik  I read more than I tweet, I even retweet more than I create original material. Expressing  thoughts in 140 characters isn't my cup of tea, but I comment. Like a lot of people I follow TV Shows I like, @nbcchicagofire  @LawandOrderSVU1 and @LastManStandingABC . Actually I'm more active while watching these shows than any time else! If you want to write on the Internet get a Twitter account stat, you'll thank me