Cape May Christmas Season 2017

Every year Cape May turns into a winter wonderland, the town really its back it it's roots. All the Victorian-era houses become cooler than usual because they light up for Christmas. From before Thanksgiving until after New Years the Nations Oldest Seaside Resort becomes one of the Oldest Christmas Resorts. The first Friday in December is dedicated to not one but two tree lightings, one at Rotary Park, the other at Congress Hall. I was lucky to catch both, but had better luck with the first lighting because I got close to- the tree.

The tree lighting at Congress Hall was even more crowded than the one in Rotary Park so I didn't even try too hard to shoot it. I knew getting shots on the night of the tree lighting would be difficult but  I just wanted to see what I could shoot. Below is a blurry attempt but I promised myself that I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't get the perfect shot. After all night shooting is a very difficult under perfect conditions. These were less than perfect conditions!!

Saturday was the annual.to the West  Cape May Christmas parade. Night skies light up with lights from floats designed by local businesses and other organizations . Unfortunately since it is a night parade photographing it  can be a bit tricky but I did manage to get better shots than I did last year, I got a new camera last Christmas so I was ready this year. I also went to the parade early to stake out a good spot. I was pleased with the results and have even a better plan for next year.

A few days after the festivities calmed down Cape May had its first snow of the 2017-2018 season!! It was enough to cover the grassy areas a n d the building but not cause a problem with getting around via scooter. I shot the first snowfall last year but this was a surprise! I bundled and headed out, but before I got too far I felt I had to take a shot of the house. As you can see it's not the best angle but I was in a rush to cruise around for better shots. Though I am sure I'll have lots of other chances this year