For those who have read this blog, browsed m y website or have seen my posts on Facebook, it's pretty common knowledge I have Cerebral Palsy. I have had it since birth because a doctor messed up.  I was a breech baby and the doctor  let my mother's labor progress causing a prolapsed umbilical cord, when he should have performed an emergency C-Section. For the sake of time and not getting off topic I won't go into details, however it was a pretty clear cut case of medical malpractice. I found the details of my delivery almost two decades later and filed a lawsuit against the doctor. The lawsuit settled out of court and I thought that would be the end of it.......

After a few years after, there was a push t cap on what are called "non-economic" damages, that effect people who don't work, especially children and women. This was really a backdoor to lock people lock myself out of the justice system. Lawsuits like the one I filed against my doctor are extremely rare. I was one of the only people who sued the doctor nineteen years after the malpractice happened. Very few people have that option, primarily  because they don't have the mental capacity to understand the concept of a .lawsuit, let alone file one, I was "lucky" in that respect.

Of course the American Medical Association's #1 priority is to protect doctors, and doctors claim "frivolous lawsuits" drive up the cost of medicine. Doctors claim they run more tests than usual because they're afraid of getting sued, when the truth  is a lot of them get kickbacks from companies to run those tests. Doctors have also steadily increased the amount of drugs they prescribe, especially anti-depressant drugs, more on that in a second. The AMA spends millions of dollars lobbying Congress for ways to limit doctor liability. They have tried everything in the book to protect its members, even though some of them  ruin and yes end multiple lives on a daily basis. You're three times more likely to be killed by a doctor than a gun. So much for "First do no harm". It's more like, "First cover our asses." Now I'll be the first to admit, there are more good doctors than bad doctors. I've had wonderful doctors help me over the years. However  they can't circle the wagons fast enough when one of their own injures or kills a patient. I went up against. some of them, they are. a mean bunch when they're on the defense. You've heard of the "Blue Wall of Silences" in terms of police?  Well there's a "White Wall of Silence" among doctors. Only a very select few call their colleagues out when a mistake is made. They blame everything but the doctor's "did their best". "Suing won't ease their pain". "All these so-called victims want is a quick pay-day and of course the lawyers get their cut

Alright now that I got my feelings down I need to tie this into the school shootings and the recent activism by those high school students and their hatred for the NRA.  Like 'everyone else I feel awful to hear about another school shooting. It's usually a kid with real mental issues that either go untreated or the kids refuses to take his (all shooters have been male) medications properly. The doctor takes no responsibility when the medication has side effects . He usually bullied in school, been made an outcast by his peers and  tries to get help, but is told to "toughen up"., He escapes to the violence in video games or movies. Our poor fellow watches as "the good guys" kill the "bad guys" and live happily ever after. All of these thoughts and feelings are stirring inside him.  The taunts continue h;e decides the only way out of this misery is to destroy the problem.  There's no attempt to connect with this unstable person

The National Rifle Association's #1 priority is to  protect legal gun ownership and usage. It should be noted the NRA doesn't sell guns to its members nor provides them with the ammunition. They promote gun safety and provide courses on how to operate guns properly  Every time there's a shooting the shooter is immediately connected to the NRA, even though not one NRA member has committed a mass shooting.I AM defending the NRA because unlike their doctor counterparts, they condemn shootings. The NRA has been around a long time. Mass shootings have  been occurring for about twenty years.The only thing the AMA condemns is people they injured seeking justice. The AMA doesn't punish doctors when they injure or even kill a patient, they defend them!


Forty Years in Fifteen Days

I often say my life is full of ironies based on having Cerebral Palsy, for example I love antique cars, I can't get a driver's license. I love to write poetry but my handwriting is awful...... I love to talk but it takes awhile for people to understand my speech. I decided I needed to celebrate my 40th year on Earth with a little writing exercise. I was born on March 15, 1978 so I decided to use my Facebook status updates to promote Cerebral Palsy awareness!! Below are the fifteen status updates

Day 1

It's a responsibility of mine to promote Cerebral Palsy Awareness during the Month of March. Those who know me know for years I ignored questions about having CP. I still cringe when people come up and say "Oh you have MS" or "Are you ret****" No I have Cerebral Palsy or I prefer "CP". BOTTOM LINE: My brain is going 100 MPH while my body goes about 5MPH. I will] turn 40 on March 15. For the next 14 days, I will post a fact about my life, and how CP has affected it. I WON'T POST anything else. I DON'T expect people to "Like" or "Share" what I have to say, BUT PLEASE READ IT. Consider it a 40th birthday present...........Day 1
Day 2

CP has been portrayed in movies, such as "My Left Foot" (1989) based on the life of poet Christ Brown (play by Daniel Day-Lewis), "Door-to-Door" (2002 based on the life of Watkins Company salesman Bill Porter (played by William H. Macy), Breaking Bad Walter,Jr. (played by RJ Mittes who has CP) and recently TV's Speechless, which the main character J.J. (played by Micah Fowler) really does a great job portraying a teen's life with CP because MICAH HAS CP HIMSELF. Ironically in the latest episode JJ turns 18 and gets a tattoo. NO TATTOOS IN MY FUTURE.......12 days
P.S. YES I originally said I wouldn't post anything else, I mean written or repost anything besides CP related material. However storm pictures are EXEMPTED from the rule

Day 3 Wasn't really a status update but I uploaded a graphic from the UCP website. Hey I wasn't sure if I could write fifteen separate status updates'!! So I cheated I used a meme!!! So sue me!

Day 4-CP has been portrayed in movies, such as "My Left Foot" (1989) based on the life of poet Christ Brown (play by Daniel Day-Lewis), "Door-to-Door" (2002 based on the life of Watkins Company salesman Bill Porter (played by William H. Macy), Breaking Bad Walter,Jr. (played by RJ Mittes who has CP) and recently TV's Speechless, which the main character J.J. (played by Micah Fowler) really does a great job portraying a teen's life with CP because MICAH HAS CP HIMSELF. Ironically in the latest episode JJ turns 18 and gets a tattoo. NO TATTOOS IN MY FUTURE.

Day 5-Alright I talk about my folks helping me a lot, but my grandma, Theresa Princiotto, was always there too. We'd go over there for dinner every Sunday She took me to therapy while my mom worked. During every one of my surgeries, the day I got out of the hospital she had me at her house so my folks could get some sleep. We had great times in Florida and Lake George. She had early on-set Alzheimer's Disease that started around 70, but she hung on for over ten years and passed away in 2008. Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandma I love you ....10 days!

Day 6- Was skipped because of the massive storm in Cape May

Day 7- Day seven means I should talk about a big one speech. Moving my mouth requires the greatest control and makes my body the tightest. It is by far the most frustrating aspect of living with CP,. So it makes perfect sense I love to talk! To make matters worse I have a great vocabulary. Despite this I have done some public speaking, I've spoken in front of United Staets Senators, Doctoral students, even little kids. I gave the best man speech at Chris Mattes's wedding.............. 

Day 8-First off Happy 30th Birthday to my cousin Charles Princiotto, born 9 years and 357 days after me.  I actually have three family members in this countdown, you should know the third will make an appearance in five days. Related to CP. well it's really two sides of the same coin. On the one hand they have helped me, sometimes more than they should. On the other hand I think I might have helped them in some ways too. Like all families together we've gotten through a lot. I'm lucky to have them!~

Day 9-  I decided when I was getting stuck I'd revert back to the basics. Here we go, EATING. I'm great with a folk, knife and spoon not so much. Makes it really interesting when I'm out to dinner without family. Ok I got to admit my first prom I nervously explained to a teacher I didn't want to have my date cut my food in front of the entire table. She asked the wait staff to do it in the kitchen. There are a few other tricks up my sleeve but you know I have 6 days left

Day 10- is dedicated to therapy, Physical, Occupational and Speech I went from the time I was six months old well into my 20's. Twice a week up to five times a week when I had surgeries. They kept me moving all these years. They also saw me through some challenging times with school. Fun fact they also helped raise my brothers, while I was getting "tortured" they played with them when they were babies. In fact in a way they helped raise ALL OF US. Seeing the same people every week for 20+ years doesn't make them friends.........it makes them family! Now I have a trainer Tyler Cotterell down here. My only regret is I wish I met him sooner

Day 11- Well I'm going to cheat! Last night was the PERFECT send off to my 30's, I was with my dad, Uncle Sal , brothers Chris Mattes & Pete and a combined crew of North and South Jersey friends. Definitely some amazing peopleI am lucky guy

Day 12- Alright I talked a lot about talking and\ walking, what about just standing? The first time I stood up completely unassisted, I was around five and it was October because I planted a pumpkin in our garden in our back yard. Every day my dad carried me out there and sat me down or leaned me up against the post to watch it grow. He loves gardening and it was HIS way to pass something HE loved onto his oldest son. That day he happened to have a camera. For what ever reason without thinking he just stood me up against a fence post and turned to get his camera, he was a professional.. I called him back, he turned around and I was no longer leaning on the fence I WAS STANDING. He snapped the picture scooped me up and ran back inside to tell my mother. She didn't believe him, the next day he developed the picture.

Day 13--HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY to my youngest brother Peter (Petey) Yes I was turning 5 years old when my mother gave me a second brother What a birthday present. Actually her due date with Peter was MARCH 15 AND  SHE FREAKED!! Thankfully he decides to make an early appearance We had joint family parties and I always hated waiting two days to become older, now I don't mind. Petey has grown up= to be a smart caring and all around good guy. Wait I must still be asleep! We celebrated many memorable moments together. He also married Sue Mattes a wonderful caring woman who keeps him in line, well most of 
the time Love you brother!!!!

Day 14--Alright I wanted to cover writing, ah typing. I can write but every other body function goes down hill when I hold a pen. Actually I was five when I came home from preschool sobbing because I couldn't draw a sun. I knew how, I tried. Well That Christmas there was a big box for me under my grandparent's tree............an APPLE IIC COMPUTER, complete with drawing software/ That was a giant step forward for me

ALTERNATE VERSION OF LAST DAY Day 15.. I was born March 15,1978 in Ridgewood,NJ.. My dad, Peter, was born in Germany, mom, Mary born in Queens and both my brothers born in NYC. My mom actually went into labor on March 14th which, even though isn't uncommon I always thought was interesting. Now I know better to get into the details, but I wills say I have THREE LIVES. You see I was resuscitated TWICE and whisked off by ambulance to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital two days later. Admittedly birthdays for me are a double edge sword. On the one hand it's a reminder of what happened forty years ago. I often said it's llike a life sentence for a crime someone else committed. On the other I consider myself lucky to live this life for forty years. Do I get angry? You bet. Do I have self-pity? More than I ever admit. I just try to live my life the best I c an