When not understanding is a defense

When people called Bruce Jenner a 'hero when he came out, declared himself a woman and c hanged his name to Kate, i cringed. I cringed at the fact he was called a "hero", because while she may have gave other transgendered people a voice they need, she didn't 'struggle".  She was met with overwelming support and when even  a hint of negative feedback was sensed, Kate's supporters pounced.  Words like "intolerance'" and throw-backs to the Civl Rights movement were immediately invoked. the difference is with the way news travels, the 'haters" were squelched before it hint the evening news. people say Caitlyn inspired other transgendered people to stand up for trheir rights, which should be applauded, but when is enough is enough? 1 When does the pendulum swing too far in the other direction? Enter Lila Perry of Missiouri

Ms Perry was born male and at the age of 13 came out as being gay. A few years later she announced she identified herself as female . She initially used a gender-neutral faculty restroom, but, when Perry added P.E. to her schedule, she decided to begin changing in the girls’ locker room. This is when her problems started. Girls started complaining and did want to change with Perry, parents complained too. The school offered her to change in a gender-neutral bathroom, but Perry cried discrimination and in comes the ACLU with lawsuits flying.  Of coure included are comparisons to the Jim Crow which scares this kids half to death they don't want to be labelled as biggots,  on the other hand they don't feel comfortable. Kids at that age have enough to worry about when it comes to sex now you add Lila Perry into the mix, it's a nightmare for everyone, not just Lila! Lila needs to understand even when intergrationg olf the schools was implemented, there still was,  and still are, some rough spots.  tThis doesn't give the kids the right to tease her or treat  her poorly. However Lila has to realize these kids will see her as different and won't accept her entirely. She has to be ok they feel that way. After all THEY'RE KIDS

Whenever someone under eighteen commits a crime, they enter the juvenile court system.  The reason behind this thinkin is nthey're too immature to realize the consequences of their actions. Well if it's good enough for the court system isn't good enough when  trying to comprehend the transgendereds? don't get me wrong kids can be downright cruel, i have witnessed this firsthand plenty of times. However acceptance does go both ways. ms Perry should realize the treatment she's getting is more out of fear than out of hatred, at least I hope so/.


Anonymous said...


"Users are Losers"... These ass-clowns constantly "game" the system, and with O'Bummer and his crowd of little elitist socialists in office, EVERYONE *IS* or *WILL BE* a "Victim".

While focusing on "Brucey" and other mentally ill or "confused" attention (and, of course $$-Settlement-$$ Seekers) and all of the percieved "Micro-Aggressions" they are suffering with, the mainstream LIBERAL media completely neglected REAL VICTIMS that are CURRENTLY suffering great trauma. Not only have they not focused any attention on the 100th year anniversary of the beginning of the FIRST GENOCIDE OF THE 20th. CENTURY -- The Muslim Turkish Massacre of the Armenian Christians. There is very little mention (or ACTION taken) of the current plight of Christian men, women and children in all of the countries that "The Sleeper / aka: The Kenyan Candidate" has destroyed or given over to his family of BRUTAL stone-age "Head-Choppers"...

The so-called "Gay and Lezbo and Confused and Misunderstood and Trapped in the Wrong Body" crowd has not done a single thing, or even mentioned anything for that matter, about the cruel and inhuman barbarous torture and killing of the homos and other "confused degenerates" in the new "Muslim Caliphate". They throw gays off of buildings, stone sodomites to death and, in addition to their favorite "allahooey baba booey HackBar" standard method of using edged weapons to decapitate their victims.... they now light them on fire and place them in cages which are submerged in water until it becomes a watery grave.

Anonymous said...

Nope -- no mention of any of that. It doesn't fit the agenda of the folk who have taken control of the formerly great states of the USA.

Note: The Unites States of America, my home and country which I have sworn my life to protect, is one of the only (non-raghead) countries in the entire world which WILL NOT EVEN OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZE THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. (It might offend donors to the Demoncrap party...???)

Wake Up America ! While watching all of this crap they call "Reality Television" like the new Caitlyn show or the home porn queen's KardASSshian show (whose reality is THAT, anyway? -- and where did their pappy hide OJ's bloody knife and clothes anyway????!!!).

AND ARE DOING SOME OF THESE SAME THINGS TO DECENT "MODERATE MUSLIMS" (In truth, they aren't really Muslims at all... for if they really follow the Koran, a violent text written by a vile and violent pedophile who was looking for a way to justify his sick and twisted acts of "MACRO-Aggression") The Profitable Prophet My Homey Moohammed surely did not invent this religion as a "RELIGION OF PEACE" - It is a book filled with violence and degenerate things and also condones them)

Now that Barry Husseien O'Bummer, Hitlary Klintoon and their bunch of idiots, sleepers and treasonous elitists have destroyed most of the stability of the 3rd. world of the followers of the Profitable Pedophile Prophet intentionally... Let's bring in MORE, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS more.. young Muslim males with no verifiable history. no method of "vetting" and validating their pasts, into the USA from Syria. etc.

No borders, no real "Homeland Security" (along with the military, law-enforcement and most other government agencies -- DHS has been "de-balled" as well -- + and their marching orders are to focus on White Christian Males / Returning Hero War Veterans / Etc... No need to watch the mosques etc.. It's not like any of the terrorism committed against the US was done by rags, right?)

Just keep watching the TV and stay focused on the boob tube. (and now Bruce might have boobs too!) Nothing to see here... Move along.

AND... "Knock it off, North Bergen"