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The wrong reasons for the right arguement

The hot topic of the day is the proposed  Mosque at Ground Zero. One the one side you havew people whining about freedom of religion, most of whom want to take the phrase "One nation under God" out of the pledge of allegence.  On the other side you have people claiming building the mosque steps from Ground Zero supporting the religion that the terrorists used to justify  the murder more than 3,000 Americans, some of the Muslim. Truthfully I still believe the ladder,  on the other hand I won't sitting here and claim the people who support  the Mosque are insensitive to the families of the victims. Something has been going through my head something I don't think anybody has brought up. To me the obvious reason not to build a Mosque steps from the most devastating attack on American soil in history is one of vengeance. While Muslims tend to inflate the "hatred"* they get from fellow Americans, I can understand howmost Americans view the religion in a negative

Doing it Delaware Style

Ok I wanted to post something positive after all the troubled writings I have posted and wanted to stay on the travelling theme for summer, so the family week in Delaware seemed like a perfect fit. Also this adds to the mobile posting series that started with Pete's apartment last September and continued evry so often. We're in Delaware with mom and dad, my brother Chris and his wife Natalie, my brother Pete and his girlfriend Sue and our Unclev Chuck. This was part of my mom's 60th and Uncle Chuck birthday celebration which included a joint party a few weeks ago, this trip and a few other surprises. The rentals  down here in Delaware are a bit different, instead of renting from a Saturday to a Saturday or Sunday to Sunday, the renters start and endon a Thrusday but it works out pretty ok. The house is located in a community that's footsteps from the beach One of the  best features about the house we're occupying is not only are we steps from the beach, there is