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2nd Annual Garden State Meet a Success

I posted this to the ALPCA Listserv but since it touched on everything I would post it on here as well. Hey some might call it cheating but why retype something when "copy and paste" does the trick? Well the second Garden State Region Meet was a blast, lots of friends, a few old stories and of course plenty of p;plates. Folks came as far away as New Mexico to partake on a perfect Saturday in November. In total ten states were represented as well as collectors from north of the border. Things ran a bit smoother this year because we got the tables setup the night before with the help of Jim Moini, Marco's soon-to-be- bride Kristy and my mom Mary which cut down on an otherwise hectic morning. I also like to thank Mrs, Lebowitz, Jon's mom, who gave Kristy a break on the registration desk and helped out setting up the food. I could see people's eyes light up when Chuck Sakryd starting wheeling in his latest finds. Michael Wiener rolled in and immediately set