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Why taking things away doesn't work

First and foremost my thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the shootings in Oregon. Too often we have seen people resort to voilence to solve problems. Too many times we have seen guns in the hands of emotionally unstable people, who don't follow a routine that hhelps them live a productive life. Not enough people recognize the warning signs to help[ these people. It bothers me we have seen tragedy yet to have a serious discussion about mental health . We have become the "fix it now society" where we want to take a little magic pill to make things all filled with rainbows and puppy dogs. The problem with this is the side effects. Every drug avertised comes with a laudry list of side effects, hair loss, sexual problems, weight gain, and yes DEATH. Prescription drug overdoses cause more deaths in this country than guns. Yet there are less restrictions on prescription drugs than guns. You can transport these drugs across state borders no problem, sell them