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The Parrothead flew the coop

Like millions around the world I'm mourning the passing of legendary singer Jimmy Buffet. Facebook is obviously filled with tributes to the Mayor of Margaritaville, some pretty funny memories out there. One stuck out particularly, Zak Brown called Jimmy Buffet an "American Poet", which  seems fitting. Buffet lived in Key West where another writer, Ernest Hemingway called home and did most of his writing. I think Jimmy toured the Hemingway house a few times  for inspiration and even wondered how he wrote. It makes me wonder about the conversations between Hemingway and Buffet are having right now. I can see Hemming smoking a pipe while Buffet toking on the finest marijuana ever created. They are talking about writing, their adventures on the sea and how they lives impacted their craft. Man would I love to be a fly on that wall. I wonder if their ghosts are going to wander the streets of Key West Florida together?? You never know what will happen. While Buffet was a beloved

Cape May Live is kicking

  Well I haven't actually kept it a secret I have been doing more writing on Facebook than on this blog. Originally I felt this blog was reserved for "important posts". Stuff that would be three pages long, ok maybe jusut a page. Then I thought well I post something on Facebook and then gets buried in a few days, sometimes a few hours.  So I thought  the better thing was to copy the status an d drop it on this blog. Admittedly I need to work  on this blog more. As you might have noticed I have cleaned up a few things these last few days with more to come. Right now I'll just share the post and hope some people get a chuckle out of it! I really haven't posted anything of significance lately. Certainly haven't written a poem about Cape May in over six months. Gotten into a few arguments on here which I always regret in the long run. This being said I want everyone to know how much I appreciate this page. The views vary a lot however we must always remember this

Update on

 Well history always seems to repeat itself. I obtained" after I struggled to get " back. At the time I knew about website design but not website management. I started on Tripod, a free hosting services with ads with some frequencies which grew into a  then a radio associate who worked for a web hosting company offered to partner up with me, he host the site on one of his company's server and I would edit it. Well everything was all and dandy until the hosting company went out of business. Even though I had access to change the site, it wasn't always easy, the site went dark a few times./ Pretty soon the company went out of business and the website went with it Including the domain name which got scooped up by a company that waits for domains to expire and then pounces. It's very common, another lesson I learned on the fly. Another friend helped me get the domain back and switched the site to another server. I had the domain under

Denver dealings

Hope folks who attended the big show in Denver made it home alright, with a few new treasures. My sister-in-law, Sue had a ball and I want to thank everyone for making her feel so welcome. She even started her own collection with oneplate. Somehow she s already talking about Michigan I found some great plates and even managed to snag another 99 plate. . The Forney Museum was the perfect place to host the dinner this year. I still think Tiger Joe will still be in the motorcycle section if we didn't escort him out. Thursday night we saw the Rockies get destroyed by the Dodgers! Friday night was of course the auction and I'm glad to report I have another # 99 in my collection. The highlight of the business meeting was watching Scott Mitchell and Clark Wothe be inducted into the ALPCA Hall of Fame. They would both very surprised!!! Well it certainly was one for the books! I wasn't sure how I was going to pull it out since mom passssed away, but Sue helped me pull off a little m

Cloning vs. Hacking

Here is another post from my Facebook page. I a really getting annoyed with people announcing" They got hacked on Facebook" without really understanding the difference between getting CLONED and getting HACKED Daily computer tip: Folks please let me explain the difference between "cloning" and "hacking"Facebook Accounts. Cloning is you get a friend request from someone that you already have as a friend on Facebook. A computer, not a person, cloned your account and the clone is requesting it. Usually the cloned account has less than five friends and doesn't have a profile picture. I get about three of these a week, no I don't inform the person because there's nothing he, she, whatever can do. Just hit decline and be on my way. I admit in the very beginning I fell for this and posted on people's walls asking them to change their passwords.. However this has been going on long enough that people shouldn't need to say "Don't a