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Justin's Internet Reading List-- Part II--Bloggers Read

A year ago I wrote an entry entitled Justin's Internet Reading List Part I    where I highlighted the blogs I read on a regular basis and comment often. Two of the people I have known even before I starting blogging so I really feel like reading their blogs is  like catching up with old friends, a way to stay in touch. Many bloggers on the Internet, whether they be blogging about politics, relationships, children growing up or more specialized, license plate collecting or raising a child with a disability or having a disability yourself usually do a lot of reading about topics that would write on their own blogs. For instance Ellen Seidman ( Love That Max )  often highlights other issues surrounding kids with disabilities in general, not just CP, I can tell based on her profile she's written for a number of parent magazines as well and has attended blogging conferences. David Schoenberger (DC Scanning ) uses his blog to supplement his website  to quickly post radio  frequenci