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Charleston Collecting--Part I

Well I continued my streak of attending ALPCA conventions, this makes my fifth in a row and seventh overall. This year I dragged my folks down to Charleston, West Virginia. We did the trip down in two days stopping halfway in Maryland at Rocky Gap State Park and Resort, it was such a nice resort I almost didn't want to leave....I said ALMOST. Every year that I arrive on Wednesday instead of Tuesday I also think going I am mmissing something but not being there as soon as the hall opens. This year wasn't any different, however the exception was I was setting up a table for the first time and didn't want to miss any sale. I found some friendly faces behind the registration desk handing out welcoming packets to members. I grabbed mine and hunted for my table. The covention center layout itself was a bit weird but doable. They had the bathrooms sort of in the middle, in a separate room that divided the hall up a bit meaning you had to go around the bathrooms to get to the

Google redeems itself thanks to Les Paul

A few months back I blasted Google because they had the Pacman game running on their  search engine to celebrate the 40th Anniversary. It drove everyone using Firefox nuts because even if you  weren't on Google it still fed into Firefox, Pacman sound and all. I figured this out after uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox a few  timesI did a search and found that day on Yahoo the top search phrase was "how to get rid of the Pacman noise. It made a number of technology blogs, and because I sacraficed a mouse, I put my two cents in as well. Hey it was perfect writing material once  I figured out what was going on. The only way to get rid of the sound was to  disable the  Google search engine inFirefox. Once I did that the sound was gone. I have since updated Firefox and the  Google searchb is back in there, I'm leaving it alone.......for now. Today would have been guitar hero Les Paul's  95 th birthday and in is honor Google has a playable electric guitar on it's