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I wish FDR were President in 2013

If you have seen movies like The American President   as well as other programs or read nin books, you know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was stricken  with Polio and therefor in a wheelchair for most of his life. However because television wasn't a mainstream item back in FDR's day only a handful of  people knew about his disaBility. They didn't have the ADA back then, the White House became the first accessible government building because FDR needed to get around and there are pictures of him at the desk in the Oval Office with his legs covered so the public wouldn't see the b races. He did everything he could to hide his disability because unfortunately, it was a sign of weakness. Even todday I believe being a person of color, while is isn't still isn't easy in this day in age, pales in compared to having a physical, mental or emotional disability. When Barack Obama was nominated back in 2008 there were many on the left who accused MOST of the right of being ra