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Christmas Note 2019

Hello Friends and Family Over the past few days I am sure you've gotten your share of holiday greeting cards. I have receive greetings from friends and family.. I enjoy seeing kids group, although it makes me feel old. Especially when I realize my nephew Zander is approaching double digits.. He'll be 10 in July! My niece Quinn will be e-eight the month after and I just wonder why does time move so fast? Then I realize how much happened in just ,one year and then it all becomes clear... First things first my brother Chris, his wife Natalie and their children Zander and Quinn are doing well. It seems both Zander and Quinn have inherited both parents genes. They are tall and healthy. I got to see both of them play soccer this season and am amazed on how they have matured as players. Chris and Natalie were coaches, they are both natural leaders. I see a lot more Chris coming out in Zander this year, confident but reserved. While Quinn is truly her own girl, she is very indepen