Air scanning in Cape May

Usually when I write about scanner related activity it has to do with a working fire or interesting police activity, but in Cape May the two biggest things are marine and aviation scanning. I'll address the marine scanning in another post maybne during the summer months when there's more activity on those frequencies, but it seems air scanning is always active. The planes are high in the sky so the signal goes a LOT further and Cape MaY has a lot less  RF interference than Bergen County so I can pick up signals way into Central Virginia on VHF air so I have tried programming the frequencies for all the ATCC down into Virginia. I listed the frequencies from north to south and have had a lot of success. I can still get a lot of the New York  ATCC as well! I also  have been doing some scanning via the Internet using the website LiveATC.net which has almost all the ATCC frequencies across the country. I usually switch between the different centers but seem to listen to the western centers the most
Cape May County has it's own airport on 122.7 own of my best catches over the summer was a Caost Guard chopper patrolling the coastline, and I can also get Delaware Coastal Airport on 123.000. Seems the aviation band is always active
As a bonus I look-up the flights using Flightaware and use GoogleDocs worksheet to keep  track of the flight locations. Just something to do during the winter months!

You can view my log here

SEC59 SEA ISLE 133.1500
SEC59 SEA ISLE 281.4500 *
SEC58 COYLE VHF 121.0250
SEC58 COYLE UHF 254.3000 *
SEC10 WOODSTOWN 125.4500
SEC10 WOODSTOWN 363.0000
SEC51 CASINO 1 127.7000
SEC51 CASINO 285.4000
SEC53 ENO 127.2750
SEC53 ENO 354.1500
SEC17 SWANN 134.5000
SEC17 SWANN 360.7000
SEC15 BLUE RIDGE 133.6500
SEC15 BLUE RIDGE 285.6000
SEC54 SALISBURY 120.9750
SEC54 SALISBURY 257.7000
SEC39 SNOW HILL 121.3750
SEC39 SNOW HILL 236.8750
SEC18 DUPONT LOW 132.5250
SEC11 CAVERT 133.9000
SEC11 CAVERT 281.4000
SEC12 BROOK 126.8750
SEC12 BROOK 285.4500
SEC04 PINION 133.9750
SEC04 PINION 307.0250
SEC50 YORKTOWN 120.7500
SEC24 COFIELD 123.8500
SEC24 COFIELD 323.0000
SEC34 NORFOLK 133.8250
SEC34 NORFOLK 327.8000
SEC31 AZALEA LOW 134.5000
SEC31 AZALEA LOW 263.1000

AIR SEARCH 123.1000
AIR-TO-AIR 123.4500
ACY T APP/DEP 327 385.5000
DOVER APP/DEP 132.4250


Cape May Christmas Season 2017

Every year Cape May turns into a winter wonderland, the town really its back it it's roots. All the Victorian-era houses become cooler than usual because they light up for Christmas. From before Thanksgiving until after New Years the Nations Oldest Seaside Resort becomes one of the Oldest Christmas Resorts. The first Friday in December is dedicated to not one but two tree lightings, one at Rotary Park, the other at Congress Hall. I was lucky to catch both, but had better luck with the first lighting because I got close to- the tree.

The tree lighting at Congress Hall was even more crowded than the one in Rotary Park so I didn't even try too hard to shoot it. I knew getting shots on the night of the tree lighting would be difficult but  I just wanted to see what I could shoot. Below is a blurry attempt but I promised myself that I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't get the perfect shot. After all night shooting is a very difficult under perfect conditions. These were less than perfect conditions!!

Saturday was the annual.to the West  Cape May Christmas parade. Night skies light up with lights from floats designed by local businesses and other organizations . Unfortunately since it is a night parade photographing it  can be a bit tricky but I did manage to get better shots than I did last year, I got a new camera last Christmas so I was ready this year. I also went to the parade early to stake out a good spot. I was pleased with the results and have even a better plan for next year.

A few days after the festivities calmed down Cape May had its first snow of the 2017-2018 season!! It was enough to cover the grassy areas a n d the building but not cause a problem with getting around via scooter. I shot the first snowfall last year but this was a surprise! I bundled and headed out, but before I got too far I felt I had to take a shot of the house. As you can see it's not the best angle but I was in a rush to cruise around for better shots. Though I am sure I'll have lots of other chances this year


Travels with Clark

Before I get to the license plate meet itself I must, include a little background. Clark Wothe, who is in charge of ALPCA's eleven different regions has been trying to get to a meet in every region. He lives in Arizona and is always travelling for business and has like a million air miles. Since moving topCape May I have been attempting to invite anybody and everybody down to visit us.  I've have other ALPCA members stop by, even Gary Walker all the way from Australia!! However Clark was different. Every where he travels on business, he sends me a post card, I literally have cards from all over the country, the money he spends. Clark says he's "extreme" a few weekends ago.  I had a chance to  play "tour guide. We started out at where else but the Cape May Lighthouse. While it wasn't open to climb I took Clark on a tour of Cape May State Park

Our tour then took us to   Atlantic City to meet Lucy the Elephant.  Oddly enough for all the times I have been to Atlantic City, I have never visited Lucy. It's funny people who live in New Jersey rarely visit the the sites, only we we have company. Clark wanted to see it all so we saw it all!

We strolled along the Atlantic City Boardwalk and made our way to the  war memorial, another place I haven't had the chance to go. I was doing these things for the first time myself and was excited to do it in the off-season!! The weather is still warm down here and it wasn't windy so we enjoyed the stroll to the War Memorial where I snapped a couple of decent shots.

On Saturday morning was the plate meet itself in Pennington, NJ which is actually right near my brother's house.  Clark and I got up around 4:30 am to make the almost 2 1/2 hour trek north to right outside Trenton. This was only our second\ plate meet outside of Bergen County, the other obviously being in Atlantic City. The  meet was at the Pennington Fire Company No. 1. It was an overwelming success,. besides Clark, we had another collector from Arizona, folks from California, North Carolina ands V This time I was too busy  helping with the meet itself to get any decent pictures, but someone from the meet sent me a few shots. 


Mixed bag of events

Well here it is October in Cape May  and this month I'm all over the map, literally I e. Let's step back a few days into September, a lot was going on so there wasn't time to write it all on the blog piece by piece but here it is all together, a end of summer, beginning of fall wrap up. It's also a warm up to a winter of writing, including something coming up the beginning of next year which I'll introduce shortly.

First right after Labor Day is the annual firemen's convention in Wi=ldwood ( I was going to say down but Wildwood is north of Cape May). It was a little extra special because Jason, a fellow license pllate collector and fir buff took me to the parade on Saturday. Unfortunately for me the backup camera batteries didn't last but I got some good shots in the mean time and have my spot picked out for next
  My mom had another doctor's appointment  in North Jersey, one of her last for awhile. So my dad offered to bring my scooter so I would have a way to get around. Well dad was rushing to pack the car and the trunk wasn't closed all the way, it opened and the scooter, my laptop and so-me other stuff scattered all over the road, thankfully nothing got ran out. Of course a scene ensued and for a short time I considered walking back to our house\. Of course my mother settled both my father and I down, we conti=nued onto my Aunt Dee's in Park Ridge. It was a great visit, despite the cosmetic damage to the scooter, it is in fine working condition. I did my usual loop from Aunt Dee's over to Fusco's then to my old hood to check on my neighbor and cruise up Carnot AVE.. I even made it down to the firehouse, but nobody was around People have I even made it to a dance recital with my cousin to see her friend perform. It was an expected surprise to see other friends too.

October of course is the annual Hershey trip with Rick. It's a bit more of a struggle because there aren't any close trains near Cape May or even Atlantic City. So my folks drove me up there, they went antiquing while Rick and I went to the flea market.  I  found one gem up there, a three digit 1914 NJ plate. The scooter I took out there started to act funny  which turned out to be a blessing because Rick and I went to the AACA Museum which was something I have wanted to do ever since we started going out there. so I rented one from the park

When we got home from Hershey my Aunt Dee, cousin Jenn and her puppy Zoey came for a visit we went to a craft fair over at the Wheaton Arts Center. We also took Zoey to Higbee Beach to play in the water. It was great having a dog around the house, Dad sttill doesn't want one'!!!! My bedroom is on .the first floor so are canines are gravitated to my bed. Must be the good sniffs. Anyway this weekend is a trip oiut to see my brother and his family, and yes more dogs and a cat too!!


Irony of current protests

In all honesty I don't usually watch the National Anthem at the beginning of football games so the kneeling controversy didn't bother me, until now.  First of all people need to stop defending the players' actions need to stop saying "It's their right".  I don't know anybody, including President Trump, denying the players have a right to take a knee. This has been established since day one we get it.  After all if part of the protest is about "freedom of speech" then you have to accept the consequences, including a drop in viewership and risking sponsors , after all that's their right to respond to your protest. You wanted to get their attention well you have it now, what are you going to do? What's your next step?

Also nobody is running up to them forcing them to stand. If you saw some of sizes of these guys you wouldn't dare. However it shouldn't automatically be assumed critics of the movement want to take away their rights, this is further from the truth. To accuse this of your critics is highly hypocritical because you should be defending their speech as well. If you stop protesting, they would stop responding. If you actually have something productive to solves a problem we would like to hear it. Actions do speak louder than words, however some action should come under scrutiny. It would be different if these protesters actually had a plan to make things better and used these protests as a way to get people's attention for a solution, not just complain about a problem. I am waiting for the day someone says ok you have  a problem, here might be a way to fix it. Not just say you have a problem, fix it our we protest.

The NFL is losing viewership left and right. I think this is another  reason why the players are behaving this way, they're pissed off at the NFL over something and they want to stick it to them. I think it's pathetic certain players are using legitimate grievances as a political football (I've waited this entire post to slip that in somewhere.). The players also put too much stock in believing their fans will support them so long as they preform on the field. The players are in for a rude awakening. I also have a challenge to the networks. Don't show any player who kneels. They crave public attention, why give it to them? Just ignore that part of the game completely?  Call for an all-out "ban" on the NFL is wrong because not everyone in the NFL is boycotting the National Anthem. I would say boo the players who refuse to stand. Burn their jerseys the way some people burn the American flag. They will definitely have a few supporters, and that's fine. However I feel it's time they know how we're feeling, it shouldn't be a one way street!