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Ham Radio Bucket List

It seems like I generally do more writing than reading, my grandmother always asked me if I was reading a book. My answer was I read the paper, although admittedly I have read books since high school, mostly autobiographies andnon-fiction. I alsolove reading other  people's aritcles and my absolutely favorite is Letters to the Editor. It's rare these days to find  a news article thatb I would considr worthy of calling them craftmanship, but letters are always from the gut Notice I said rarely but it does happen./ One such case is the article I linked to below. Written by  Jim Kocsis, WA9PYH, the Ham Radio Bucket List is a must read for all hams who are serious about operating. For those less seasoned  readers a bucket list is things you want to do before you die.  Things  like travel, write a book, whatever, this one is  geared for ham radio operators. Jim, who has been licensed longer than I have been alive (45 years) mixes humor and common sense with a dash of wisdom in the