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5th Annual ALPCA Garden State Meet

I am writing this entry in  two parts the first part is the report I sent to the ALPCA discussion list where I described how the meet went. The second part is an observation of the lunch that followed at Charlie Blood's Well another great Garden  State meet has come and gone and this was the best meet yet! This year 52 ALPCA members and their guests gathered at the American Legion Hall Post in Elmwood Park, NJ. This was the farthest south we had the meet, even if  it was only a few miles, picked out by Ed Natale. This turned out to be a major hit! Doors opened a little prior to 8 AM to swift trading and a few good laughs. Steve Benson aka 16 Lizards came from Arizona to take the unofficial long distance award for the second year in a row, his partner in plates Mike Glauboch took the drive up from Kentucky and Chuck Bahnor drove out from Indiana. We really do attract members from all over. My  co-host for the event was Jason DeCesare who helped in every way possible, ge