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Yes I am running

A few days agoI posted a letter I wrote to the ALPCA Listserve stating my dismay over the current President's actions! It was a continuation of a p=ost I made about a year ago entitled Swing Vote and the ALPCA Election which was my take on the movie Swing Vote which I saw the night before I voted in the ALPCA election. I watched the mo=vie in the context of thinking about the ALPCA Election. Fast forward a year later. After a lot of soul searching, I decided to run. It actually started with a conversation with Tim and just snowballed. At Erie I won an award for my display "Route 66 by Wheelchair" that got my picture in the magazine;. I also co-hosted my second meet in Washington Township with Marco Tramelli. I also plan to go to a few more meets during the year. Director Profile

Reaction to closing the ALPCA listserv

I apologize for the delay in this e-mail, but as you might not know Northern NJ lostpower Staurday nightanbd had limited access to my e-mail until today. Instead of shutting down the list the Board should,d have warned Whit that even though THEY WERE WRONG, he should, as "member #1000" been able to forgive and forget, unfortunately for the rest of us it didn't turn out that way. I am convince that if Whit had let it slide, the list would still be functional today as it was before this blowup.Some may blame Steve and that is their right, I for one blame the Board members who voted to shut the list down, Steve was just the middleman. As for the comments about Board secrecy, lack of accomplishments, censorship and other criticisms, I feel the Board took those as attacks, and while SOME OF THEM might have been unfair, it should have given the Board pause and do something it rarely seems to do. Look at themselves FIRST before pointing fingers at the membership. The Board

Storm damage 3/13/10-3/15/10 Part 1

I sent this e-mail to a couple of OEM CONTACTS this past Saturday. I want to divide this up into two parts because the police scanning aspect is also very first storm using the Uniden 396T. I am submitting this report via my aunt's house in Park Ridge because Woodcliff Lake is still without power.The power went out sometime between 5:00-8:30 because I was out for dinner, it was my brother's and my birthdays and getting home from Allendale was a challenge. We had many detours and passed huge limbs coming home. We we detoured from Glen Road onto Spring Valley going into Park Ridge. What should have been a 15 minute drive took over an hour. We go home to find out we were without power. We have been boling our water and using the woodburning stove. Damagewise our neighbor up the street had a huge tree li mb come down blocking the upper part of Glen Road and was still blocked as of 4:00 today. I read in the paper we might be without power until Tuesday. I hope that isn't the

Net Roster Order

While 90% of my ham radio experiences have been positive these last ten year there are still times I think maybe I should hang up the mic.Now I have felt most comfortable on PSK, but I started out on 2 meters just like most hams. Now in the beginning the other hams were just as nervous as I was talking over the air. Then I started to become morerelaxed and that made things a bit easir, on both ends of the repeater. I have my good days annd my bad days, but it is very seldom I get heated over ann overincident, tonight during the RACES Net I choked The format of the net recently changed. The old way was the net control went down a list of stations and I usually fo-llowed the same persopn. Recently that changed to what's known as "Net Roster" order, meaning you have to listen to the entire order not to miss your spot. Well I thought the trick was to write down every station. So I started typing every station down and the signed on. The problem was I lost one of the stat