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COVID-18 and plate meets

Folks,  I think I bring a few things to the table here. First off I co-host a meet in a high densely populated area, the most populated in the country with four major cities in lass than a 500 mile radius. Secondly I myself, as person with a pre-exsisting condition as highly aware of the risks and benefits of hosting a meet during these challenge times.  Thirdly my  emergency management background gives me a unique perspective into how different states handle the pandemic, promise it won't get too political. I will  say this from the outset, while the social distancing guidelines should be universal, there is not a "one-size fits all magic bullet approach" this really is uncharted territory. After talking it oveer with my co-host and the place where we would hold our meet, it was decided that we wouldn' t have a meet this year. Even though we booked the place last year, and the meet was on the same weekend, we decided to hold off on the official announcement. Whe