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Still some great people

I admittedly have not been blogging on here as much because like most of the country because the Corona Virus has me in somewhat of a lock down!!  I will not writing endless entries on how I wish this lock down will end, too many people have already opined on how the virus has affect them. . It seems I have  traded entries in the blog for Facebook.  Cape May needed to adjust like every  place else, the did it with some bumps in the road but  is fortunate in the fact they allowed the restaurants and bars to serve take out. When Governor Murphy allowed outdoor dining,  the  Cape May City Council, with the help of  our City Manager, outlined plans for restaurants to expand outdoor seating. They even closed down two  streets in the middle of the Washington Mall to allow additional outdoor seating. Everyone was gettin g used  to the "New normal" However when travelers started coming back into town an d things started bustling. It seems that the "Social Distance" Guidelin