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This is what you get

 This is a painful time in American  history! Peaceful protesters have once again been mixed in with  a few bad apples and the country has been  more divided than ever Condemning the violence isn't; enough to restore our democracy, not this time. We need a true miracle and honestly neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden can fix it alone, they must do it together.  The problem is neither ones supporters trust the opposition so they need to both concede, not the election but the biggest grip either side has with the other, I'll start by saying I voted for Donald Trump, although I always respected Joe Biden, well until this election cycle I won't outline exact details but I believe he ran a terrible campaign, picked a horrible running mate who deep down not even  Democrats trust, they won't admit it Joe Biden also has a worse track record on foreign policy I have ever seen,.  I feel like President Obama before him Joe Biden will concede too much to foreign powers and dwell Ame