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Twenty Seven years later

If we've been friends on Facebook for more than a year you'll know I have told this story countless times. However it's a story worth telling since it'sa how I started writing. I was having dinner wi th a girl from high school. on the way home we stopped by Fusco's Market to get her cigarettes and I got a root beer. I got home to find my dad sleeping on the couch while my mother and brothers were out. I went upstairs, just started typing and never stopped/ A year later she wrote in my yearbook "Just keep doing what you're doing, smiling, writing and touching my life." I have ,written articles, spoken in front of Congress, written poetry for countless people, and done so much more. I admit my writing sometimes gets me into hot water; Here it is twenty seven years later and I'm still doing what I promised her! People say my writing is a gift so it's fitting I started the night before my 19th birthday!! Cheers to 46!! (it's tomorrow)

Remembering Grandma in Florida

My dad and I are in Florida for the month of March because the wnters in Cape May are horrible. I also can't stand dad complaining about the wind up there 24/7. So a few years ago my mom started looking at places to rent or even eventuall buy. We were down here during the very beginning of COVID so while we flew down, we drove back. Later it was  determined we would drive down, something my father always wanted to do. So this year my father was determined so with a lot of planning (not really) he mapped out a three  day road  trip fro, Cape May down to West Palm Beach. We took the ferry .over to Delaware and proceeded down to an overnight in North Carolina and another somewhere in Georgia. I managed to pick up seven new counties in Georgia and North Carolina. No bad if you ask me By now you're wondering what this has to do with my Grandma. Well when my grandparent got older they bought a house in Naples, Florida.   They beccame snow birds, just like most people in their seventi