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Goodbye Aunt Millie

RIP Aunt Millie, my first penpal, my 3rd grandma. I will miss your letters, playing "office" with the cousins and all the chats. You always knew how to cheer me up. Say hi to grandma, grandpa and Uncle Jack............until we meet again These days when someone passes people remember them b y posting a Facebook status. Friends of the mourner "Like" the comment and reply with condolences. As much as I have been on both sides of this kind of Facebook status, I feel there are certain times where more  needs to be said, a lot more. I found out earlier this even my Great Aunt Millie, my mom's aunt, grandma's oldest sister passed away earlier this week. Like me she was the oldest in here family, she had four younger sisters.  Aunt Millie didn't have grandchildren until much later in her life, so when she visit  my grandparents house, she " borrow" u s for a week. Back when it was just my  brothers and two or three cousins she devote one ful

Thanks Brian Gelnaw

 A lot of my blogging friends occasionally allow guest post to their blogs, some good some bad, but I have to post this post  by my friend Briann Gelnaw. Brian and I  forged a friendship the way a lot of my post-high school friendships were forged, at the Cornerstone in Hillsdale. Yes he was one of the  "Thursday Night Crew" just like Alex & Jamie. Brian has taken the 50 days 50 friends challenge where he posts a picture a day of a friend and writes how he met  them. Well  today he decided to highlight yours truly.I consider it an early birthday present: Day 22: Justin Mattes  It must have been the year Sanchez came to the Jets. I talked shit all season, and with good far as I was concerned they were going to win the whole damn thing. Super Bowl was ours!!!! Well the Jets lost in the AFC Championship game. My friends busted on me, my brother in law laughed and told me how the Jets will never win. Then from the other side of th e room this guy who I just met