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Planning the site out

As a designer of several sites I have to admit one of my worst mistakes was just jumping in without any plan. I first got on the web one night during the summer when I didn't have an idea what I was doing. The word "index pages" didn't mean a thing to me, neither did I understand the difference between the HTM and HTML file extentions. It was a police scanner site and that was it. I should have understoo that to make things orginized you need to put things in directories. duh! And everything was on one page there wasn't any rhyme or reason to it. There it was and it didn't even occur to me to separate the pages or how everything looked jumbled together. The main thing was it, I Justin had a website. Over the years I have learned well some what. Take the Tripod site. A few years ago Tripod "accidentally" deleted me website, hey it's free s o it happens. So I panicked and instead of waiting to see if it came back up, I immediately moved to Geocciti

Missing in Action

Alright I wrote two radio entries now it's time to go the my other hobby, license plates. Am I a Rennisance Man or what? One of the links o=n this site goes to the Automobile License Plate Collector's Association which I have been a proud member (even though inactive for a brief two year period) for eleven years. If you take into account I joined when I was 16 and didn't know anyone else in the aclub when I joined, it 's another one of the little facts abou t myself I proudly tell people. Last year ALPCA celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in Providence Rhode Island, man did I beg my folks to go! It also happened to be over their wedding anniversary so I took them and one of my brothers out with us since he was in nearby Connecticut. The details lwill remain sealed since in old J M fashion there was a little screw up Anyway I did it all, manned a post at the souvenior desk, donated a few plates to the auction, and picked up a few amazing plates to add to the collecti

Summer storms

Well we just survived some wicked weather tonight, I have to write something about it. The winds kicked up abot 5pm and the rain soon after! It came in and out of town faster than a speeding bullet! Something out of the movies I swear y dinner was cut short because I wanted to spend the time at the command post listening in to the action. You know I never understood the need for more than one scanner until tonight. I have one just sscanner all the fire channels which came in real handy. You always hear folks say keep the emergenc y channels afew key presses away, tonight that advice finally paid off tonight. The damage on Glen Road was completely unreal, tree limbs were all over the place. I even saw a huge limb on a car truly amazing. Now the advice about not going to a scene is true, you should NEVER GO TO AN EMERGENCY SCENES but you can drive past! I know the owners of the car and all I can say is thank God\ nobody was in the car. Over all the storm went through pretty quickly

A different Lake George Trip

Alright a little family history for this post!! We have been going up to m y grandparents' townhouse in upstate NY for 22 year. It's something we'll do until whenever my grandfather decides to sell it. I mean he's not going up there any more because of problems I won't get into. Although surfice to say he nd my grandmother are at the age where travelling is a big deal,. Going up there has meant different things to me throughout my life. When we where younger my brother's and I looked forward to going to Great Escape, an amusement park! Over the years we have had some good times up there. One of the highlights was a few years ago when Chris and some of his friends took me up there. I mean it was the first time we went there withoout the folks. Oh man I could write pages on t hat, but I won't! Alrigh t this is the kicker of this trip, my uncle Chuck and I bought a bottle of Jack Daniels. It's not like we haven't had a drink before but something ab