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Memorial Day in AC

Alright can you think of a better place to be on Memorial Day weekend? One of my brother's, Pete, graduated college a few weeks ago, so my other borther Chris and I took him to this comedy show in Atlantic City. We had a BLAST. You know going down for one night is just enough for Jersey folks. You have to love the "tourists" who say thuey are spending like a weeke down there. That's just nuts!!!!! For the record I wound up dropping $50 to the roulette table which seemed bad that but I have quickly recovered! For those scanner nerds in the group, I AM ONE OF THEM. I had my 246T with me and DID get some close call hits which I will eventually post but not today. I did get a lot in I just haven't reviewed it yet!! I plan to build a page on Bergenscanner dedicated to close call hits but have been too lazy to do it!!

The CP Conference

Alright this is it! For those who don't know I am 27 years old and have Athetoid CP, no I am not going to go into my life history but I am going to give you folks some links in case you're interested in finding out about CP. Anyway there's a conference down in Maryland in September, I chickened out. This year I think I'm going to go, I'll keep you folks posted. In the mean time visit the website!!

Welcome to Justin Mattes's Blog

Usually there's a lame welcome message as a first post, why should I be any different. You read a little about me here a little of what I have been up to. I love to write and figured why not share my thoughts with the world!! Includede with this will be comments on my hobbies such as police scanners and license plates. Check out for frequencies for Bergen County and for my license plate website I'm going to really work on this at least a few times a week as a writing exercise!!! I promise all the posts won't be as stupid as this one so give me a break!! So here it is my blog!! OK it might be lame in the beginning but just you wait I might surprise you with my wit !!!Visit often because I plan to post often! Take it easy!!! Justin