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Plate Trading Atlantic City Style

The ALPCA Garden State Region 1st Annual Spring meet was held at Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City Well despite   a little wet  weather 47 collectors gathered *in the ballroom at the Resorts  Casino and Hotel. Trading was brisk  inside what is an amazing layout rivaling Las Vegas. Chuck Bahnor once again drove in from Indiana to spend some time with us, always great to see him. We also  had the usual suspects like Roy Rich(representing the ALPCA Board), Jim Moini, Walter O., Dale Bernecker to name a few. John Anshant and John Willard drove in from Pennsylvania  with plenty of plates for sale Marco's wife Kristy once again handled to registration desk . Paul Rosenberg "won" the shortest distance award, he owns Atlantic City Taxi and instead of business cards, hands out gambling chips with his phone number on them, too bad they couldn't be redeemed in the casino!!!!The staff at  Resorts did a great job providing coffee and

Somewhere on Dan Aykroyd's computer-- A tribute to Harold Ramis

Like the rest of the world I mourn the loss of Harold Ramis who passed away yesterday due to numerous health complications that started in 1999. Like everryone else my thoughts and p rayers go out to his family and friends. Being a writer takes a lot of talent, being an actor takes a lot more talent, combine the two you have a man that truly is an artist. Like singers who compose/ their own melodies, actors who write their own scripts have a personal perspective to the film no other actor or actress, no matter how great, can possess. From Caddyshack to Year One  and everything in between, Mr/ R/amis always kept millions of people laughing. The key of his writing was it always tetered on the edge of comedic greatness and comedic madness.  There are many examples of both but I  think we can all agree Ramis lived on that edge throughout his career and that made him truly a rare breed.Like his writing/acting partner, Dan Aykroyd, Ramis's  interviews mainly were straight shooting, not