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Another Hershey Miracle

One of my favorite posts last year was The Hershey Miracle where I explained the trip out to the annual antique car show, little did I know I would be composing a squeal only a year after. Like the one last October, the trip was only planned in a few short weeks. Rick Krestchmer, a fellow ALPCA member, advertised a room to share in Hershey. If you recall he and shared a room at the 2007 ALPCA Convention in Huntsville AL and have kept in touch via e-mail. So when he was looking for someone to share a room with in Hershey, I jumped! I quickly e-mailed him and Rick responded he'd like room with me. The next thing I knew I was searching for Amtrak tickets into Harrisburg. I also tapped into the Dauphin County Paratransit system to get me from the train station to the Hershey Giant Center, the middle of everything. It was fine only the bus that picked me up broke down enroute to dropoff other passengers we had to wait for another bus, which set back my arrival time tremedously. I