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North Korean hacking solution

So i t seems the North Koreans really can't take a joke! They  launched cybar-attacks in response to thew lame-ass movie The Interview that puts their leader in the spotlight and makes him look like a fool. Little Kim Jun Il didn't only give to movie a big thumbs down, he decided since the US "allowed the film to be made", it endorsed the film and Il took that as an "act of war" I shit you  not. So Sony, who was scheduled to release the film on Christmas Day, had it's computers hacked mysteriously with a message not to release the film or the company w ould be facing even more cyber attack. "Hackers" even got copies of e-mails sent by Sony Execs criticizing President Obama, the same guys who wanted to get Bush and Chen ey on war crimes. So stup id movie execs of course caved and cancelled the movie's release, although there have been rumblings about having the movie go right to DVD or ondemand, maybe leaks on the Internet. No doubt the mov

Flaws of reporting crimes that never happened

We have all heard it by now what DIDN'T happen down at the University of Virginia. In September a freshman girl named "Jackie" was invited to a frat party where she was pumped full of slcohol and raped by seven frat boys in a bedroom. She left ,the frat house, caalled a friend, cue the investigation. Of course every news outlet in the country swooped in and reportedly on the case ruined the bo=ys reputation and what happened? It was all a hoax. The major problem was Jackie's story fell apart from the word rape. First of all when these guys were finished attacking her, Jackie  found the strength to walk out on her own, without being noticed by a house filled with people (of course there was a party going on). She then called a friend who took her to the hospital. In the original article Jackie bemoans the fact nobody believed her story (  I wonder why ) and it took going to the media for her to see some action. Enter Sabrina Rubin Erdely who wrote this heart-wrechi

I wrote it no credit

There are pages on Facebook where people report fires and  other emergency incidents either in the local area or nationwide. In Northern New Jersey we have a group where we can discuss such incidentsa. Well there's a guy on there who uses the incidents to write a few new reports for his own website. Usually he just gets the headlines and then follows up by either calling a department or listening to his own scanner. This time I was amazed to find n a summary of what I wrote appear on a commercial website. I know all this because the webmaster asked questions through a stream of replies basically took the information and composed his article. It doesn't bother me he did this, but even most newcasts mention "sources say". While most want to reemain unknown, they want people to realize other people helped them out with the research Photographers get their images ripped off all the time and make the biggest stink, as they should but it seems too often than not writers of