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He HAD to resign

Well it's official the disgraced Elliot Spitzer finally resigned. When the news broke Monday people from both sides of the aisle called for him to= step down. Unlike the Clinton scandal the Governor did have a handful of supports, I have to question their devotion to the state of New York. Spitzer broke the law, period the end. Who would want to support the highest law enforcer who broke the law? It's just unbelievable. From what I hear the irony that Spitzer was known as a tough on crime guy is now asking for a light sentence. I don' t think that should fly. Honestly I really think they should go harder on him because he was truly leading a double life. Priding himself on being tough on corruption when it turns out he was just as corrupt as the people he prosecuted in his early career as a District Attorney and Attorney General. People can forgive lapses in judgment, but people can not and should not forgive hypocritical behavior. Just a few comments on the Lt. Governor.