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Uptown Girl vs Thriller

I'm  a big fan of Billy Joel, ever since I got into music at a young age, he is my favorite artist. Notice I didn't say singers, although I get a chill up my spine when certain songs of his come on the radio. I joined a fan group on Facebook dedicated to Billy Joel, not just his music, but his life, some news clips and other stuff. Like any other Facebook Page with hundreds even thousands of people all aroound the world. There's a debate trending on whether "Uptown Girl" should have topped Michael Jackson's Thriller at the Grammy's for best song. As much as I like "Uptown Girl" and respect Billy Joel Michael Jackso n's "Thriller" did more for Mr. Jackson's career than "Uptown Girl" did for Mr. Joel's career. Also remember I am a poet and a writer who has studied both songs not just as musical composiitions, but as poems, which is basically what a song is without the instrumental components.  Below is the post I a

Dissecting the State of the Union

In honor if President Obama's first State of  the Union of his second term in office I decided t o do something new as part of  this blog. I wanted to highlight some of the lines that caught my ear and a few reactions from others on Twitter. My commentary appears below the line. Also it should be mentioned that some of the folks in the gallery were wear green ribbons in remembrance of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. First I have to point  out not  one word was spoken about the mess in Bengazi which was my biggest disappointment. We haven't had an attack on an embassy in years and I would think if the President wants to quite his critics on a particular matter, he need to confront the issue, even if he spins it. Obama: " Let’s set party interests aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments" The problem with this line is there weren't any "wreck less" cuts in the first place. Democrats

Super Superbowl

Even though I was rooting for t he 49ers, stroke of luck had it I got a chunk of the pool for the second year in a row. My trip  to the ,Cornerstone this week is covered and then some. This year my folks decided to host a Super Bowl party instead of visiting family or friends. At first I was looking to go  out eithrer to a friend's house or down to the Cornerstone however when  money for a pool started changing hands I decided to stick aro und, and I'm glad I did. Not only did I win part of the house poll  I was witness \to some antics I shall not repeat on this blog but suffice to say there wasn't a dull moment befoore, during or after the game. Everybody agreed the commercials were not up to par with one exception, the Budweiser clidsdales commercial was I viewed online prior to the festivities. I was extremely disappointed I didn't see  actually it on TV during the actual game. The  commercial stars a newborn horse which grows a bond  with the farmer. The farmer re