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Another day in Cape May!

The hive hanging on the branch. It has been haunting Congress Street for weeks1!Everytime someone walked under it they say a little prayer they wouldn't disturb the occupants. I imagine folks who blocked our driveway should have gotten stung a few times, but no such luck. I also at times wished for a flamethrower but I would like to keep myself on the Cape May  FD's good side! After a few reminders from my mother and people on the street eyeing this insect haven every time they passed, my father called the town, who immediately inform him he wouls need to take care of it himself. He finally broke down and callled a pest control  company yesterday.When the extermination team arrived, a van and a truck, they blocked the sidewalk off with cones and the whole nine yards. The guys shot chemicals at the hive then used saws to cut the branch down, it wa People walking on the other side of the street snappeds pictures with their cell phones so I decide to get in on the action. T