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A Cayman Island surprise

Well it all started at the convention in Erie, Pennslyvania I John Ferguson setting up his him setting up his table with the lastest non-passenger plates from the Caymans. I saw everything but a wheelchair plate, which John explained is one of the rarest types to obtain on the Island. During our discussion he smiled and said he'll keep his eyes out. He then saw my display I brought to the convetion entitled "Route 66 by Wheelchair" and knew it just wasn't a display, it was to make people away of folks with disabilities. John and I became close friends and exchanged e-mails. When the convention in Texas rolled around the next year John convinced my parents if they allowed me to get ther4e on my own, he would keep an eye on me. Well despite a few minor bumps in the road, a diverted plane and a lost and then found cellphone among them, John and I had a blast! After the convention he and I continued to converse via e-mail. A few weeks ago John just sai d in a passing e-