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Response to Hawaii

First of all I am sorry citizens of Hawaii had to go through minutes of per hell thinking they were under attack. No matter what they themselves deserve our thoughts and prayers. The realization that this could happen to them should worry us, as citizens of the US, as people of peace and humankind in general. Before I begin a few thoughts on the atmosphere we are now in. I want to say this ISN'T meant to be political in the sense it shouldn't matter the President of the US is a Republican or the Governor of Hawaii is a Democrat. Let's face it the people who want to kill us don't care our political preferences. With all the finger pointing I want to break down a general response, local, state, and federal. It should be noted the entire "incident" (later labelled by state and local officials a "drill) was an hour and twenty minutes give  or take according to Hawaiian officials.  All that being said the error was caused by state and local officials,NOT THE

Air scanning in Cape May

Usually when I write about scanner related activity it has to do with a working fire or interesting police activity, but in Cape May the two biggest things are marine and aviation scanning. I'll address the marine scanning in another post maybne during the summer months when there's more activity on those frequencies, but it seems air scanning is always active. The planes are high in the sky so the signal goes a LOT further and Cape MaY has a lot less  RF interference than Bergen County so I can pick up signals way into Central Virginia on VHF air so I have tried programming the frequencies for all the ATCC down into Virginia. I listed the frequencies from north to south and have had a lot of success. I can still get a lot of the New York  ATCC as well! I also  have been doing some scanning via the Internet using the website  which has almost all the ATCC frequencies across the country. I usually switch between the different centers but seem to listen to the western