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Cape May Live is kicking

  Well I haven't actually kept it a secret I have been doing more writing on Facebook than on this blog. Originally I felt this blog was reserved for "important posts". Stuff that would be three pages long, ok maybe jusut a page. Then I thought well I post something on Facebook and then gets buried in a few days, sometimes a few hours.  So I thought  the better thing was to copy the status an d drop it on this blog. Admittedly I need to work  on this blog more. As you might have noticed I have cleaned up a few things these last few days with more to come. Right now I'll just share the post and hope some people get a chuckle out of it! I really haven't posted anything of significance lately. Certainly haven't written a poem about Cape May in over six months. Gotten into a few arguments on here which I always regret in the long run. This being said I want everyone to know how much I appreciate this page. The views vary a lot however we must always remember this

Update on

 Well history always seems to repeat itself. I obtained" after I struggled to get " back. At the time I knew about website design but not website management. I started on Tripod, a free hosting services with ads with some frequencies which grew into a  then a radio associate who worked for a web hosting company offered to partner up with me, he host the site on one of his company's server and I would edit it. Well everything was all and dandy until the hosting company went out of business. Even though I had access to change the site, it wasn't always easy, the site went dark a few times./ Pretty soon the company went out of business and the website went with it Including the domain name which got scooped up by a company that waits for domains to expire and then pounces. It's very common, another lesson I learned on the fly. Another friend helped me get the domain back and switched the site to another server. I had the domain under