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Time to get a little wet

If you look closely at the right hand column, you'll see I have added yet another link to . Actually one of my scanner buddies set to site up and I'm just keeping it up-to-date, I don't mind. Besides you're looking at a guy who loves to have his name on websites. Larry Morin is a scanner buddy who has taken me to a few of these events and we always talked about doing a site together. Sure he and I have helped on each others sites, but this is our first actual joint project. Larry builds them but is too busy to keep them updated. That's where I come in. I keep track of the datess and make sure all tfhe information is accurate! Which actually fits in nicely with my background as an archivist, seems like I was made for this kind of thing. It's very simple just fill in the blanks. OK it might not be the most exciting website on t he planet, but it does get a lot of hits and is growing. In the past I have been burned by doing websites with partners, on

Love thy "enemy"?

Ok over the weekend former Vice President Al Gore critized President Bush for basically singling but Arabs after 9/11. I don't get it, Gore has Bush on an issuesjust as important, the environment and yet he has to attack Bush where Bush is definitely still strong. He says Bush has lead abuses against Arabs, but I don't see it in the newspapers. You know ever since 9/11 there has been this overall undercurrent about the "backlash against Arabs" but there really hasn't been any widespread hate towards the Arab world. It has all been very one sided. The sad thing is nobody cares this time. While our global image isn't the greatest right now because of our stances against those who want to harm us. I worry about a lot that's going on in the world, but one thing that won't keep me up at night is how Arabs view our country nor how we view Arabs! Secondly why in the world is Al Gore defending people that hate Americans? Let's face it the majority of Arab

Pretty Cool Project

Alright I have already covered lighthouses on here and there have been times I wanted to post an article but felt it would be too boring for everyone. Although I foundthe Cape Canaveral article kind of interesting. The group is the lastest one to venture into such a massive undertaking. The entire State of Florida has always had a soft spot in me heart anyway and seeing this article brings a little tear to my eye! Alright I am overreacting as usual but it's still amazing to see the whole process unfold. Youi have to hand it to the writer of the article, he gets 100 for the title, Cape Lghthouse Goes Topless for the First Time in 100 Years. How cool is that? Give me an article to write like this and I'd be a very happy fella!! Anyway reAad the article and post a comment or two on here.