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Temporary lust

Before I write this I'm laying down some ground rules. First of all I+ caused this mess because I again took my emotions out on someone it turns out I would miss when she was gone. Like in all other communications behind the keyboard this ongoing chat between us took my body out of the equation. We This ISN'T a "love story" it's a lust story deep down I always thought it was a "lust story" primarily because she is on the opposite side of the world, the wonders of the Internet. Anyway I wanted to write down what happened because Facebook statuses won't cover it. I take full responsibility We met in grade school, she's about my age, and exchanged hellos we were never really friends. She was in a couple of special ed classes with me, back when I was only partly mainstreamed but she was very very shy. Which should have set off alarm bells. We didn't really communicate for years. She actually moved back to her home country right out of high school