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Picture this scene

 Picture this scene. Your high school crush, who you took to the prom picks you up for your birthday dinner. EXCEPT it's the night before you birthday. She asks you what restuarant you wamnt because after all IT'S the night before your birthday! You   pick a restuarant. You arrive at the restuarant order sodas (after al you're17 turning 18 in less than six hours) and then the meal. Meals arrive and you realize you forget to ask the waiter to cut your meal since you can't cut it yourself. Your date digs in, after all she has something to do after she drops you of. You just stare at your meal. Finally she asks you, "What's wrong??"  You sheepishly tell her  you can't cut you meal. She grabs the plate cuts up your food in the most casual way and sets it down it front of y ou and you dig it. After a wonderful dinner your date annouces she needs cigarettes and you know a place. You go to the corner store where the owner treats you like a son because you go