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Forget Joe "the plumber"'s Justin "the writer"

Alright I had to jump on the bandwagon basically because I am ticked that some "plumber" , who it has proven to be not even registered to vote, is get all this attention over taxes, while the health care issue takes second fiddle. Now OK both Obama and McCain have talked about other issues plenty, but they haven't found one "every day American" to represent all the people concerned about health care, energy,education the environment or any other issue. The candidates talk about everyday Americans and they throw out names and cities like people actually know who they are talking about. Each candidate tries very hard to humanize this race and they both are doing the best the can, but it's not good enough. Of course they can't talk to every single American, bust from what I'm seeing there's not enough of a cross section. The media loves sound bites, no matter whether on TV, radio, newspapers or th Internet (God help you if you ONLY get your news o

No SASE required

Alright if you're a ham you know the deal with QSLing. Usually the deal is when you make a contact eac h ham sends out a QSL card, paying the postage and everyone is happy. There's no better way to end a contact than to recieve an envelope in the ma il with your callsign on the front. It is a thrill that never get old, at least to me. It's not really a secret that for me qsling is a bit tricky, just like everything else physical in my life. I have to carefully load the evenlope into the printer lining it up just right while hoping it doesn't get jammed. Sometimes when printing the QSL itself the p=aper gets stuck. Also because the printer is downstair, my broke awhile ago I deal with my dad ask "What are you doing down here?" or don't mess anything up! So when individual hams say they require a SASE I really frown becaus the extra hassle is worth much more than a postage stamp. It also occurs to me some hams are just plain lazy many that do require a SA

Hilghighting comments/reader stats

The entry on June 24 th highlighting a journal I was working on back when I graduated high school has gotten some pretty spirited feedback. No doubt since the PV Class of 1998 Reunion is coming up noext month and my fellow classmates have definitely Googled "Pascack Valley High School 1998 10 year Reunion" or something along those lines and they stumble upon This Journal Entry . Now two of my former classmates have dropped me a note which makes me want to continues just writing random thoughts. I know entries around here tend to drop off every now and then but I think maybe I'll keep this updated aa bit more now that I know people actually read this blog. As outlined in the original entry one of the main reasons why I started this blog was to get instant feedback. It's also the reason why I added the Feedjit box on this page just for me to track the traffic and make sure I'm not the only one viewing this blog. That's why I finally got, b