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Editor's Duties

Alright for those who have been following this blog for awhile, you have known I write about my hobbies, namely license plates and radios. The editor of t he Plates Magazine has come under fire for prioritizing his articles over other contributors . He had the two major articles this time while people who had submitted material to the magazine had seemed to be overlooked. To be fair when complaints surfaced I was first to pipe in that most articles for a bi-monthly publication take a little be longer to appear. I think the people who are complaining write for a hobby and lack the knowledge of the writing business, meaning they just write whatever their heart desires. They have no real idea about why a word count is important or why one article seems to get laid out better than the next. I am not discouraging them from submitting articles to the magazines. However I don't think they read like a writer. I mean they read the articles, extract information and come away learning s