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CODA the hit that hits close to home

From my  Facebook status a few days ago:  CODA won best picture because not only did it break barriers, it did so in the most subtle way. As a person with a disability who loves music, it combined two aspects of my life. This amazing film is about a fishing family where everyone is deaf except the youngest daughter. iThe cover of "Both Sides Now" was absolutely perfect!~ I watched the amazing movie last night and you should too. After adjusting the above Facebook status multiple times in the last three days I decided that a few hastily assembled lines wasn't going to cover all the reasons why I truly enjoyed CODA. CODA is the acronym for C hild O f D eaf Adults. The movie is the story of the Rossi Family comprising of three deaf members, mother, father and son and the youngest daughter, Ruby, who can hear. The Rossi's are a fishing family from Worchester, Massachusetts who work the oceans. Emma is the typical teenager trying to balance, school, a social life helpi

Forty-four and many more

  First thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday!!! I had a wonderful dinner with my closest Cape May friends, more like family because they truly adopted me as one of their own. Second thoughts on another year older--people get teased about getting older-- I never minded because every year I live, I prove certain predictions about me when I was born were wrong. I LOVE proving people wrong. Each year that I live my life the way it should be. Could it be better? EVERYONE'S LIFE COULD BE BETTER, but it could be worse, a lot worse. Can I DO BETTER? Absolutely! I have a collection of scars, some self-inflicted. I ALSO can be proud of my accomplishments. I always said life is like a puzzle you have to figure out where the pieces fit, but I think I am putting my pieces together the best I can Here's to 44.....................and many more !!!!