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POCO/Loggins and Messina LIVE at PNC 8/22/09

Here's something for you folks to ponder: Is there a better way to cap off a great summer than a POCO/Loggins and Messina Concert? I think not! Sean and I had been planning this night for months. It started off as a dare, we went to a POCO concert in Wyckoff a few years back and said if they were ever touring again we'd go. When Loggins and Messina announced they were teaming up with POCO, Sean said it was a no brainer. We got tickets back in April and every few weeks we would remind each other it was coming up. Finally the big night came and we had a blast. It was a bit of a rocky start because it was raining on and off all day, although our seats were protected by the overhang at the PNC Bank Arts Center so we weren't too concerned. The drive down consisted of comments like "It's passing" and we'll be alright and we were right on the money. Even though dark clouds followed us down there and we drove into a brief shower, we didn't get wet. By the time