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The Editor Strikes Back

Back in Feburary I had picked up on fellow ALPCA member Jon Upton's ramblings about how it seemed the last couple issues of Plates Magazine seemed to have a heavy dose of the Editor's articles. He wasn't the only only because te April edition of Plates Magazine arrived over the weekend and it seems another member, Mitchell Magursey, is disappointed there aren't more articles about United States license plates, which isn't true because in the last few years I have represented my home state of New Jersey pretty well with a plate article on NJ ham radio license plates and the NJ Meadowlands license plate, respectively. I also have another article in the works as you read this entry. None of the seventy two other members who live in the Garden State have written anything about plates in our state. As a matter of fact the entire issue is moot, because Tim has said on more than one occasion that he is always looking for material. I pointed out Tim has been a writer&